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Client: Mediaflow
Skill: Content Management, User Analysis, Interactive Screens, Emotion Recognition
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Mediaflow is using the Emotion Recognition Technology from Sightcorp to read users’ facial expressions and to offer more interactive and engaging experiences.

The application
Mediaflow not only produces and distributes interactive kiosks, mobile applications and augmented reality solutions, but is also a content manager and interactive media provider.
The company has created the interactive application EmotionDetector, which is intended to retrieve real-time emotional expressions from the audience who stands in front of a screen.
Depending on the mood, the diverse digital devices displayed next to the screen interactively reproduce pictures of smiley faces or sad faces and present different visualizations.

The contribution of Sightcorp technologies
Mediaflow is using CrowdSight SDK in order to retrieve relevant face analytics from crowds, while they interact with screens. The integrated camera or simple webcam measure the level of happiness and sadness of the user, therefore, being able to deliver personalized and interactive content on different digital devices based on the user’s emotional state.