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Client: Perfect Fools
Skill: Costumer Experience, Customer Monitoring, Emotion Recognition

The Perfect Fools and their client Casumo are using the Emotion Recognition Technology from Sightcorp to read the emotional state of the unaware taxi passengers in Oslo.

Perfect Fools is an Amsterdam-based digital agency which is keen to deliver unique and improved experiences out there.

The Application
The project “Boredom Ride” is intended to erase boredom and make people smile. The camera displayed inside a cab in the city of Oslo, monitors the facial expressions of the passengers in order to estimate how happy they are during the journey. A customized printed receipt is given to the customer at the end, which includes: their photograph, the percentage of the journey that was dull, the bill for the “joyful” part of the journey and a code to be used on which refunds the passenger for the boring parts of the journey.

The contribution of Sightcorp technologies
Perfect Fools are using our CrowdSight SDK, the crowd face analysis software, which enables to better understand real-time people’s emotional reactions, profiles and interest to different stimuli in different life setups.
The application particularly gathers the emotional expressions information of the taxi passengers while they behave spontaneously during their journey. Casumo “Boredom Ride” is an awesome application that shows how the innovative emotion recognition technologies from Sightcorp can offer more interactive and engaging experiences to the end-users.