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Client: Royal College of Art & Imperial College
Skill: Academic Project, Design, Emotion Recognition, Eye Tracking, Individual Monitoring

The Rapport Project uses the emotion recognition and eye tracking technology from Sightcorp, to suggest different tunes depending on the emotional reactions of the user.

The application
Rapport is an academic project planned and created by the designers Joe Smith, Yeawon Choi, Yifei Chai and Yuchang Chou from the Royal College of Art & the Imperial College in London, UK. The gadget can detect users and understand when they are having eye contact with it, thanks to the integrated eye tracking software from Sightcorp. Rapport can also carefully choose and play different sounds according to users’ emotional behavior: happiness, sadness, anger or surprise. A smile is identified as approval, so rapport will enthusiastically raise the volume and an expression of sadness is identified as a disapproval, so rapport will switch to another music. Rapport can also switch off the sound if the user expresses anger or go back to the previous sound if the user shows surprise.

This creative application is a great example of human-device interaction and human-centered applications.

The contribution of Sightcorp technologies
The Royal College of Art and the Imperial College are using InSight SDK, the individual face analysis software from Sightcorp, to understand users’ behavior and attention to stimuli in real-time. The device is able to intuitively interact and engage with users by understanding their attention and emotional state.