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  • Skyscanner emotion scanner app powered by Sightcorp
  • Skyscanner emotion scanner app powered by Sightcorp
  • Skyscanner emotion scanner app powered by Sightcorp
Client: Skyscanner Russia
Skill: User Experience, Travel App, Targeted Content, Emotion Recognition

Skyscanner Russia wanted to offer their users a more interactive and engaging experience. Using the Face Analysis Technology from Sightcorp, the leading global travel search company has built a smart online emotion-aware application which provides travel recommendations based on users’ behavior and demographic profiles.

The Application
The concept behind the Emotion Scanner app from Skyscanner Russia is that “your face will tell you where to go”.
Users are asked to enable their webcams for the pictures to be taken. The system then smartly measures users’ emotional status and age and instantaneously displays the face results on the website, together with a targeted holiday suggestion.
This user-aware application allows Skyscanner Russia to approach their users in more humanized and personalized ways, while empowering them with meaningful content specially targeted to their liking and profiles.

The Contribution of Sightcorp Technologies
By using the F.A.C.E. API from Sightcorp, our web-based Face Analysis service, Skyscanner Russia is able to accurately track and measure the users’ face through images sent via their website. The users’ facial expressions and age are measured in real-time, using advanced Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms. The technologies from Sightcorp are empowering Skyscanner with relevant information about their customers, thus, enabling them to interact and engage in unprecedented and highly effective ways.