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Winstate app
Client: Winstate
Skill: Smile detection, Emotion recognition, Social Media

Our Story with Sightcorp is a great story.
We are WINSTATE and we have created a positive impact mobile application!

The Application

Have you ever tried an app that makes your contacts smile?
With WINSTATE it’s possible!

Contribution of Sightcorp technologies
We have integrated Sightcorp’s face analysis technology, namely their smile detection and emotion recognition into our social application to spread the ‘Positive Social Virus’ across the world. The goal is to send your friends, family and other contacts some positive thoughts which are called “Win”.
No pictures or texts but simply a virtual “I’m thinking of you” using your face and most importantly, your smile!
To send this “Win” the sender must smile to capture the thought. Then the receiver also needs to smile in order to see who’s sending a thought.

We are grateful and proud to work with Sightcorp! Thanks to this app hundreds of people are smiling every day and spreading positive energy to the people around them.