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Accuracy and Speed of Service
Authorize customers and visitors faster without any hideous document check or long identity verification process. Allow the software to recognize a face and compare it with the given database and based on the result of the search, allow access or deny it.
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Better Personal Data Protection
Our facial recognition software is precisely designed in order to ensure that all of the interactions and transactions are done in a secure and safe manner.
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No Physical Contact Needed
Face Recognition system is touch free and only requires a camera and a face. The software is far more convenient than manual human verification.
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Maximize service security through the use of face recognition systems
Gain better control towards the most sensitive parts of your business and ensure that only authorized individuals have access to secure premises. 
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Prevent Fraud
Our system allows operators to provide high standards of safety based on crime prevention strategies, carry out effective border control, decrease pressure on security authorities and facilitate the effectiveness of airport staff. Moreover, the authentication process for travelers is faster, safer, and more convenient. Finally, faster authentication processes also contribute towards reduced queue sizes at the border control and check-in premises.
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Sightcorp Solutions For Security

Facial Recognition systems are used in order to ensure that security measures are implemented to their maximum potential and that there is no room for fraud or error within a given system. Sightcorp’s software allows a great deal of control and flexibility to companies who are looking to enhance their security systems. 

Facial recognition utilizes a set of pre trained algorithms that compare faces with any given database in seconds. Moreover, it can be said that facial recognition systems are far more superior than other security authentication system, due to its low cost, biometric security as well as easy integration within other security systems. Face recognition systems don’t need any kind of physical interaction between the user and the software. The software is able to detect a face from distance, which makes the authentication process less complicated for both.

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Facial recognition software systems can keep track of individuals within specific locations. Law enforcement agencies can use this functionality to prevent crime and identify suspicious individuals through CCTV cameras installed in public places.
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Attendance Monitoring
With face recognition software, schools, universities and other institutions are able to easily track the attendance of their students, employees and other visitors as well avoid any suspicious activity.
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Defense Services
Facial recognition can be used to allow only a select group of individuals to a given area. This is especially important for high risk areas that can only be accessed by authorized personnel. Face recognition is able to offer a differential level of access to different staff members stored in the database.
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Crime and Fraud Identification
Our Facial Recognition software contains a liveness check that helps preven hackers from using a picture of the customer for impersonation purposes. The liveness detection asks users to perform a random sequence of movements (e.g. with their head) to make sure they are a real person. Only after the software verifies that the sequence was performed correctly, the user is certified as “alive”.
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Law Enforcement
Identify unwanted individuals through the use of face identification and prevent crimes before they even occur by identifying fugitives or suspicious individuals with a criminal history.
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Financial Institutions
The technology can be used to facilitate the authentication process, act as a security measure detecting unwanted individuals, as well as to prevent any fraud that can be committed against a financial institution. Read mode about usage of Face Recognition in Financial institutions here.
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Airport Services
 Various airports employ Face Recognition technology in order to facilitate the onboarding process as well as to minimize risks and improve security. Read mode about usage of Face Recognition in Airports here.
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Mobile Apps
Facail recognition technology can be used by mobile app developers in order to incorporate biometric authentication and by doing so improve the safety of the user data as well the data of the company.

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Applicable products

Sightcorp currently offers two products that carry out Face Recognition:

  • Face Match SDK 
  • FaceMatch API

Face Match is a technology that enables users to verify whether two images of a face belong to the same person. Sightcorp’s Face Match software is designed to help businesses streamline AML and KYC processes and increase compliance. This is useful for, among others, financial institutions that are required to know their customers and obtain, verify, and record KYC information – including information that identifies each individual.

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Software Features
  • Recognize, compare, and verify faces in <1 sec
  • Identify and authenticate people
  • Confirm and Detect liveness of user to prevent fraud
  • Can run on the edge or in the cloud

Facial Recognition for Mobile Apps

How does Facial Recognition work?

Facial identification generally involves the mapping of “nodes” on an individual’s face to create what is known as a “faceprint.” This functions just like a fingerprint and includes things like the position of an individual’s eyes and nose – creating a set of data which is unique to each person. 

Most face-based recognition systems use advanced cameras to capture images of subjects, which are then compared to existing faceprints on a centrally stored database. And with error rates below 1%, it’s one of the most accurate recognition technologies available, whether its used for security,surveillance or access control.

How effective is Face Recognition for security measures?
The average accuracy of Sightcorp’s FaceMatch software is around 99% on faces that are detected by the camera. There are a few factors that can influence the level of accuracy such as stable lighting, face angle, camera angle, therefore it is important to use the software in a suitable scenario.
What is Facial Recognition?
Facial recognition is a technology which uses biometric markers to detect the identity of individuals. Specifically, this type of recognition system measures facial contours and compares them against previously uploaded images. By precisely comparing images, these recognition systems make it possible to determine the identity of individuals, and they can be used for a wide range of security, commercial, and even medical purposes.

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