DeepSight Toolkit Resources

DeepSight Toolkit Trial Flow

Step 1

Set up your NUC

Turn on your NUC and look for the following icon to run the Toolkit on the device. 


Enter the license key printed on the back of your device.

Step 2

Follow the Toolkit
Quick Start Guide

Select your preferred operating system

Step 3

Test the Toolkit
with Sample Video

Simulate real-life analysis and see the data output

Step 4

Test the Toolkit 
with our Demos

Try the interactive Features of the Toolkit

Step 5

Review Technical

Detailed technical resources for your tech team

Data Visualization

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Want to Make Your Own Dashboard Visualization?

The data collected by the Toolkit can be extracted in multiple ways.

  1.  For an existing dashboard or BI tool you can use our JSON output to merge and enrich your data with audience data. 
  2. For custom UI requirements you can use our ready connectors to 3rd party platforms and manage them directly. 
  3. For full service needs you can use our/our partner’s dashboard that requires no management from your side.  
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Are You Looking for a Full Solution?
We have worked with our partners to create a range of out-of-the-box, integrated solutions that contain all the components that you will need to get started with audience analytics. From content delivery, dynamic triggering to data visualization, we have you covered! 
Don’t see your preferred vendor? Get in touch with our team, we are always working on new integrations. 

Industry Specific Best Practices

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Digital Signage, DOOH

Before deploying your cameras download this helpful guide to find out which camera is most suitable for your particular use case and how to position and set it up in a Digital screen to obtain optimum results.   

Need support with placing your camera or planning your POC?

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Retail Analytics

Setting up your camera correctly is an important step for you to achieve the most accurate customer analysis. Download the guide below for detailed assistance on the best camera practices for Retail.

Need support with placing your camera or planning your POC?

Latest DeepSight Toolkit Releases

DeepSight Toolkit 6.6.2

released 22/04/2021

Windows 10

Ubuntu 18.04

DeepSight Toolkit Release notes



Version 6.6.2

Version 6.5.0

Version 6.4.0

Version 6.3.0

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