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Authentication and Automation
Authenticate individuals based on the facial data. Once you have selected the individuals that you are willing to give access to your home, the system will automatically let those people in, whenever they are detected by the camera. There is no need to answer a doorbell or respond towards an entry request.
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Identify Possible Threats
Face Recognition is able to identify perimeters visitors who potentially pose a threat. The software will instantly inform the law enforcement authorities with necessary data about the potential threat, such as, who is the wanted individual, what does he look like and where he has been detected.
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High Accuracy Rates
If you are concerned about your security and privacy, there is an option to set up custom confidence thresholds, which can greatly reduce the possibility of the system returning a false positive. Moreover, there is also a possibility to use two-factor authentication, such as face recognition combined with a pin code or a traditional key fob.
Customize For Your Convenience

With facial recognition, you can also select an alarm criteria. For example, you can set alerts that notify you when somebody whose face the camera doesn’t recognize attempts to enter your home.

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Sightcorp Solutions For Smart Homes

A smart home security system helps you to keep tabs on your house while you’re away, from the convenience of your laptop or smartphone. Perhaps you are looking to enhance security and facilitate the entry process, then you should look no further, incorporate face recognition into your smart home and gain better control over your personal security. Traditionally, a security provider would send a technician to install a wired system in your home and enroll you in a professional monitoring service. The story has changed. With the advent of smart technology, you can even set up the smart system on your own. On top of that, you serve as the professional monitor, getting real-time updates and notifications on your smart device.

Facial recognition means that the smart camera you use in the home can associate a face with an identity. Therefore, for facial recognition to work, you’ll need to tell the system which face belongs to which name. That means that to apply facial recognition in home security systems, you’ll need to create profiles for friends, relatives, and others you want the system to identify. You’ll then be able to know when they are at your door or going into the house.

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Applicable products

Face Recognition has many application fields, one which is smart home. Identify known faces through the use of our technology and avoid any attempts to disturb your privacy when someone unidentified has intruded into your property. Provide a safe, fast and convenient way to protect your home and your family  by using face recognition software of Sightcorp.

Sightcorp currently offers two products that carry out Face Recognition:

  • Face Match SDK
  • FaceMatch API


Face Match is a technology that enables users to verify whether two images of a face belong to the same person. Sightcorp’s Face Match software is designed to help businesses streamline AML and KYC processes and increase compliance. This is useful for, among others, financial institutions that are required to know their customers and obtain, verify, and record KYC information – including information that identifies each individual.

Software Features
  • Recognize, compare, and verify faces in <1 sec
  • Identify and authenticate people
  • Confirm and Detect liveness of user to prevent fraud
  • Can run on the edge or in the cloud

Facial Recognition for Smart Homes

How does Facial Recognition work?

Facial identification generally involves the mapping of “nodes” on an individual’s face to create what is known as a “faceprint.” This functions just like a fingerprint and includes things like the position of an individual’s eyes and nose – creating a set of data which is unique to each person. 

Most face-based recognition systems use advanced cameras to capture images of subjects, which are then compared to existing faceprints on a centrally stored database. And with error rates below 1%, it’s one of the most accurate recognition technologies available, whether its used for security,surveillance or access control.

How effective is Face Recognition for security measures?
The average accuracy of Sightcorp’s FaceMatch software is around 99% on faces that are detected by the camera. There are a few factors that can influence the level of accuracy such as stable lighting, face angle, camera angle, therefore it is important to use the software in a suitable scenario.
What is Facial Recognition?
Facial recognition is a technology which uses biometric markers to detect the identity of individuals. Specifically, this type of recognition system measures facial contours and compares them against previously uploaded images. By precisely comparing images, these recognition systems make it possible to determine the identity of individuals, and they can be used for a wide range of security, commercial, and even medical purposes.

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