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  • Get Insights Into Your Audience
  • Scalable Solution Operable Over Multiple Venue Points
  • Accurate Footfall Data With Real-Time Occupancy Updates
  • Smart Screen Traffic Light System For Visitor Access Control
  • Improve Visitor Engagement
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Monitor Foot Traffic And Optimize Premises

Real-time occupancy can give you insights into the high, mid and low peak hours of the given location. Use this data to optimize your staff allocation and scheduling.

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Face Mask Detection

Through the use of Sightcorp mask detection technology, individuals without a facemask can be easily identified and notified, allowing safety measures to be implemented.

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Improve Customer Experience

 Sightcorp software is able to calculate and observe occupancy data that give you the opportunity to optimize your layout and adapt it to the everchanging customer flow.

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Smart Occupancy Management

Detect anonymously and count the number of visitors with our Face analysis and people counting technology. All you need to do is to place a camera at the entrance of your building and DeepSight software will keep track of individuals that are being detected by the given camera.

Combined with a digital screen, you are able to display real-time occupancy data and, if needed, allow visitors to enter or not. Moreover, through the use of face mask detection technology, you are capable of informing your visitors about the necessity of wearing the mask via warnings displayed on the screen in case your visitor is not wearing a face mask.

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Use Audience Analytics to Create Targeted Ads

Get to know your customers, their interests, and behavior. Adapt your advertising strategy based on audience insights.

Get an easy overview of the aggregated data with our complimentary Toolkit Visualizer. The Toolkit also comes with ready integration with a Cloud-based dashboard, which means that you wouldn’t need to worry about losing your data, as it would be stored in a cloud rather than your device.

Boost revenue by displaying targeted messaging and advertisements across the entire stadium, using demographic data collected by our audience measurement tools. Maximize viewer engagement and provide outstanding viewer experience to your clients.


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Sightcorp Solutions For Stadiums

At the current state, Face Analysis systems are mostly used for analytics purposes, in processes such as consumer behavior analysis, foot traffic monitoring, and enhancement of consumer satisfaction. 

Maximize the reach and impact of your marketing campaigns, make more cost-effective business decisions, adjust promotional activities and budgets, thus, engaging your audience more effectively. 

The use of AI-powered screens and kiosks throughout stadiums elevates advertising potential and enables visitors to see important venue information and updates.

Key messages can be delivered on:

  • Safety information
  • Occupancy levels
  • Advertising
  • Directions to less congested venue areas
    i.e to refreshment kiosks with no queues
    or with smaller waiting times.
  • Live score updates
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Cut Unnecessary Costs

Stop spending extra budget on ineffective advertising messaging without knowing is it working or not. Get real insights about your audience and their reactions to your content.

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Secure Stadium Premises

Detect individuals without face masks. Alert the security and ensure that safety is present with the entire facility as well as easily detect blacklisted individuals who are trying to access the venue.

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Get To Know Who Is Your Target Audience

Measure the emotional and behavioral response of your visitors. Analyze it, and get to know what group of individuals are reacting positively to your given content.

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Recognize VIP Members

Provide a streamlined experience for VIP season ticket holders. Keep track of exclusive members attending games using face recognition for swift identification and lounge access

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Optimize Event Atmosphere

Maximize audience experience using crowd analysis to customize music and lighting to match every audiences taste

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Applicable products​

Sightcorp currently offers three products that carry out Face Analysis:

  • DeepSight SDK
  • DeepSight Toolkit
  • FaceMatch SDK


DeepSight Toolkit is an easy-to-use cross-platform solution that enables you to detect and analyze multiple faces using just one application. The software is the deep learning-based successor to CrowdSight Toolkit, which gives you accurate insights into the behavior of your audience in real-world environments. No hard coding is required, which means that anyone can install and use the software within minutes.

Face Match on the other hand is a technology that enables users to verify whether two images of a face belong to the same person. Sightcorp’s Face Match software is designed to help businesses streamline AML and KYC processes and increase compliance. This is useful for, among others, financial institutions that are required to know their customers and obtain, verify, and record KYC information – including information that identifies each individual.

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Software Features


  • Ready to use – no development needed
  • Detect and analyze people’s age & gender and more for DOOH & retail insights
  • Easy to use aggregated data output
  • Ready integrations with CMSs
  • Face Mask Detection for C19 prevention



  • Recognize, compare, and verify faces in <1 sec
  • Identify and authenticate people
  • Confirm and Detect liveness of user to prevent fraud (*soon live)
  • On the edge or in the cloud

Sightcorp Solutions for Stadiums

How is occupancy monitored at Stadiums?

Crowd occupancy at stadiums can be monitored using deep learning technology, cttv cameras and facial recognition systems. Cameras positioned at venue entry points monitor incoming footfall and deep learning algorithms trained to detect faces then count and keep track of how many individuals have entered. This data is anonymously gathered and stored on a cms and is simultaneously displayed on digital screens so that venue staff and visitors can be updated on capacity numbers in real time.

Reporting Dashboard

Get an easy overview of the aggregated data with our complimentary Toolkit Visualizer. You will receive the Visualizer when applying for the Toolkit trial. The Visualizer shows in an easy to interpret interface of the data that was analyzed over a 24 hour period. The Toolkit also comes with a ready integration with a Cloud based dashboards. Contact us for more information.

Stadium Analytics and Audience Analysis

Gaining insight into fan behaviors and engagement can be made easily accessible using our facial recognition solutions for audience analytics. Collecting anonymous audience data using facial biometerics such as age, gender, mood and attention time, provides a true picture of visitor demographics, their engagement and experiences when inside the venue. In turn, this allows for customized and targeted content to be created and displayed.

How accurate is the Software?

Our software has been developed and tested in challenging scenarios. The higher the influx of people present in a frame the more tasking it becomes for machine learning algorithms to work to their highest level of accuracy. However, we have created our product with these real life challenges in mind and are therefore prepared for facial analysis barriers such as occlusions or densely populated areas. Maintaining a high accuracy level in unpredictable scenarios and upholding confidence in our products.

With an accuracy of 75%,  the different facial expressions can be detected. The accuracy of detecting the overall mood is 92%.

What is Face Analysis?

Our Face analysis technology analyzes the emotional responses of detected faces. It can recognize 7 basic emotions based on the movement and position of facial muscles. The different analysis produces a confidence score for different types of emotion: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, surprise, sadness, and neutral.

How does Face Analysis Technology work?
Our estimation of the emotional responses will give your insights to optimize and improve the experience of your audience. We can measure the different mood levels during the shopping processes. This technology is often used to monitor people’s reactions after being exposed to content like looking at digital screens.
What is Facial Recognition?

Facial recognition is a technology which uses biometric markers to detect the identity of individuals. Specifically, this type of recognition system measures facial contours and compares them against previously uploaded images. By precisely comparing images, these recognition systems make it possible to determine the identity of individuals, and they can be used for a wide range of security, commercial, and even medical purposes.

How does Facial Recognition work?
Facial identification generally involves mapping “nodes” on an individual’s face to create what is known as a “faceprint.” This functions just like a fingerprint, and includes things like the position of an individual’s eyes and nose – creating a set of data which is unique to each person. Most face-based recognition systems use advanced cameras to capture images of subjects, which are then compared to existing faceprints on a centrally stored database. And with error rates below 1%, it’s one of the most accurate recognition options available, whether you use it for security or market research purposes.

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