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Improve People’s Safety with Intelligent Monitoring

Put people at the center of what you do! Leverage Audience Video Analytics to monitor situational awareness and build sophisticated, complex security systems.

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  • Real-Time Analysis
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  • C++ expertise needed
  • Works offline (one-time internet connection)
  • Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android supported
  • Processor: Intel i5 3.5 GHz recommended

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  • Audience Analytics Solution
  • Ready Reports & connected to the Toolkit
  • Plug & Play Solution
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Improve your security systems with Audience Video Analytics

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We are using and heavily promoting Sightcorp’s Toolkit because of its stability, accuracy and very easy installation and hardware configuration. The real-time aggregated data is immediately accessible through Crowdstats, which enables us to scale with ease.

─ S. Ahmedov, CEO OmniChannel


Surveillance and Monitoring

Smart Monitoring for Buildings and Venues

Whether you want to monitor people in your business environments, that walk through your security checks, or that attend to your event, entertainment and sports venues, the audience video analytics technology from Sightcorp makes it easier and faster for you. All this in real-time and without being intrusive at any moment.
    • Detect and keep track of people as they move in strategic points in your business environment such as entrances, exits and control areas
    • Monitor people’s behavioral patterns in such places as your corporate building, event venues or stadiums
    • Identify your customers’ demographic profiles when at your nightlife or entertainment venue
    • Put employees at the center of what you do, by providing them safer and superior experiences

Rethinking Automotive and Passengers Experience

Put drivers’ safety first by adding accurate eye tracking and head gaze data to your automotive knowledge. Improve your automotive security systems to detect drivers’ attention and identify signs of fatigue or distraction, by tracking human eye behavior and head position in real-time.
Smart Face Analysis Technology can significantly minimize risks on the road and provide a safer experience to your drivers, in an automatic and non-invasive way.

    • Personalize drivers’ experience
    • Detect drivers’ state in real-time
    • Optimize your automotive systems and combine the eye tracking data with other sensors to automatically warn the driver to potential dangers.
    • Use the real-time eye and head gaze expertise to build advanced, complex driver assistance systems that respond instantly and make the vehicle take over when necessary

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Technical Specifications

The table below shows how FaceMatch SDK performs on the Labelled Faces in the Wild (LFW) dataset:

FPRTPRThreshold (Inverse of distance)
0.10.99900 ±0.002130.55448
0.010.99667 ±0.005370.59791
0.0010.99367 ±0.006050.62989

FPR = False Positive Rate
TPR = True Positive Rate

These results are an indication only and are based on the specific dataset Labelled Faces in the Wild. Customers can expect similar performance, with possible variations due to hardware and the availability of annotated data.