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Create, Manage and Deliver Contextualized Content & Close The Loop With Audience Reach Data

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DeepSight Toolkit Features:
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Telelogos Media4Display Features:
  • A Complete Digital Signage Platform
  • Centralized Content Management with Optional “Local Management”
  • Works with All Types of Devices on Windows and Android OS
  • API Integrations for Touch & Sensors
  • Mobile Administration Application
  • Renowned Device & Security Management
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Sightcorp's Integration With Telelogos
The integration of our DeepSight Toolkit with the Telelogos Media4Display allows retailers and brands to measure ad content performance through the delivery of granular audience insights. These include; opportunity to see (OTS), impressions, views, attention time, dwell time and age and gender insights. The audience per content data can be easily injected into any dashboard or business intelligence tool such as DeepSight Data Studio, PowerBI or Google Data Studio. Owners of Windows based screen networks can go one step further with this integration and trigger content based on demographic categories.
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Making Signage Hyper-Targeted Across Every Location

By utilizing Media4Display with DeepSight, digital content can personalized according to audience composition and dynamically served in real-time to increase content engagement, viewing time and in turn maximize sales of promoted products. 

This technology can be used to enhance digital campaigns in every industry and across various screen locations; from retail, to hospitality to corporate offices, making the solution truly versatile and scalable. 

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Audience Reporting Data That Takes You Full Circle

Tracking content performance is also made easy with this integration.  The impression data collected provides true and accurate audience traffic for each screen, with viewer insights that match the granularity level of the online world. This allows marketers to close the loop by analyzing the post campaign results and comparing predefined goals with the actuals reached.

The data can be visualized in DeepSight Data Studio, hosted and managed completely by Sightcorp or maintained entirely by our customers and system integrator partners according to each wish.

Who Is Telelogos?

Telelogos is a software publisher in the fields of Digital Signage and Mobility. Telelogos solutions allow companies and organizations to better communicate and interact with their customers and/or employees as part of their digital transformation. Corporations can manage and display content through screens placed at any location – points of sale, malls, public spaces, reception halls, airports, stations, shop floors, warehouses and more. They can also manage the availability and reservation of their meeting rooms through digital devices, and remotely control their fleets of connected terminals, whether mobile (smartphones, tablets) or fixed (terminals, POS).

Telelogos is headquartered in EMEA with a business office in North America and over 2,000 customers and 500,000 licenses deployed in more than 50 countries.

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About Telelogos

How is the Media4Display platform managed?

The Media4Display platform can be controlled locally and it allows users to create up to ten levels of management such as HQ, local HQ, local department etc. This enables screen content to be easily adjusted and updated by different contributors, each with various permissions and roles. The flexibility of this ‘role’ feature enables the software to fit flawlessly into any company architecture and ensures smooth content deployment.

Media4Display Content Delivery and Monitoring

The Media4Display platform is an all in one digital signage solution that can be used to deliver content and monitor performance across a large number of screens (10’s to 1,000’s) making it good choice for both small and large scale deployments. Through the integration of our audience analytics technology with the Media4Display, content performance can be monitored and measured. It allows users to deliver targeted content that is contextualized to each audience and enables them to view audience reach data post content delivery. 

Audience Analytics and Privacy

All of our audience analytics software comes with privacy by design and privacy by default. Unlike facial recognition software, our face analysis technology is fully anonymous therefore no personally identifiable information is ever collected, only raw data is aggregated and all faces detected in live video streams are automatically blurred. Image processing takes place on device (locally) and the client is the sole controller and owner of the data. Sightcorp does not have remote or direct access to any of the devices running the software.

DOOH Screen Networks and ROI

Using Telelogos integrations with the DOOH marketplace, multi-brand retailers can offer advertising space programmatically to their vendors. This enables both the publisher and advertiser to deploy dynamic and engaging screen content for viewers, increasing the likelihood of conversion. As a result, publishers receive the maximum ROI for their network and advertisers benefit from audience based post campaign metrics.

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