Everything About DeepSight Toolkit (Non-GUI)

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1. About DeepSight Toolkit (Non-GUI)

DeepSight Toolkit is a simple cross-platform plug & play solution that enables you to detect and analyze multiple faces using just one application!

The non-GUI DeepSight Toolkit has been created to ease the deployment of large scale roll outs while keeping much of the same features and functionality as found in the GUI version of the Toolkit but without the graphical user interface. 

It uses the configuration file from a regular GUI Toolkit instance, allowing you to first configure all the parameters in the graphical interface. The path to the configuration file that you want to use needs to be entered in the command line when running the non-GUI toolkit.

Get insights into your audience demographics and viewer behavior and optimize messaging in real-time with no need for hard coding. The software can be installed with ease by anyone within minutes!

1.1. Analyzed Features

  • Age Estimation
  • Gender Estimation
  • ID Detection
  • Head Position/Head Gaze
  • Attention Time
  • Dwell Time
  • Smile
  • Face Mask Detection

1.2. Toolkit Configuration

For instructions on how to configure the GUI Toolkit in order to generate the toolkit_config.ini
file please see the following documents:

2. How to use the Non-GUI Toolkit

Step 1. Open the DeepSight Toolkit (version with a graphical interface).

Step 2. Set a desired location for the configuration file to be stored under the ‘General Settings‘ tab of the GUI Toolkit;

Step 3. Configure your settings in the GUI Toolkit by following the instructions in the Quick Start Guide and User Manual. Please use your time-based DeepSight Toolkit trial license for this. 

Step 4. Once the configuration process is finished, enter your non-GUI session license in the GUI Toolkit’s ‘Licensing‘ tab. This is important as the non-GUI Toolkit needs a special type of license:

Step 5. Click the ‘Save’ button after entering the correct license:

Your configuration file can now be used with the Non-GUI Toolkit. The path to this configuration file will need to be specified as a command line argument when starting the non-GUI Toolkit. See ‘specific commands’ for more details.

2.1. Specific Commands

The new Toolkit is launched through a terminal and has the following command line arguments available: 

–old-settings‘ : This command line argument is required to specify the path to the GUI Toolkit settings file that you pre-configured; 

–hide‘ : This command line argument starts the non-GUI Toolkit in the background, hiding the camera feed window; 

An example of how the startup command should look like if the working directory is the Toolkit installation folder, and the old toolkit_config.ini file is at its default location: 

./DeepSight-Toolkit.sh –old-settings /home/sightcorp/.local/share/DeepSight Toolkit/toolkit_config.ini –hide 

Additionally, while the new Toolkit is running (without the –hide argument) the following case-sensitive commands are available: 

  • Esc – quit
  • S – stop
  • s – start
  • p – pause
  • u – unpause


– The ‘Stop‘ and ‘Start‘ commands are new for the non-GUI Toolkit, with the GUI version only allowing you to pause the analysis. ‘Stop‘ as opposed to ‘Pause‘ resets the ID count back to 1 and flushes the available aggregated data regardless of frequency. 

– ‘Pause‘ and ‘Unpause‘ allow you to stop analyzing the video feed and continue with the ID count from where the analysis was paused.

2.2. Main Differences

  • HTTP interface URL format

    Changed from http://localhost:8080/JSON to http://localhost:27081/rawData 

       Changed from http://localhost:8080/JSONAGGR to http://localhost:27082/aggregatedData Pull and

  • Push: 

    The HTTP interface now outputs raw data in real time and is no longer URL-encoded. The non-GUI Toolkit keeps the last 100 messages for the Push Mechanism if internet connection is dropped, and it sends those when internet connection is restored. This is valid both for the raw and for the aggregated data.

  • Output label changes: 

    world_position’ in stead of ‘world_pos’ 

    ‘headgaze_x’ in stead of ‘gaze_x’

3. Licensing

The non-GUI DeepSight Toolkit was designed to run on docker containers and therefore works with our session licenses. During the calibration process, the GUI Toolkit will use a time-based license. After the settings are saved, the time-based license needs to be switched for a session license which is used by the non-GUI version of the Toolkit. 

Alternatively you can replace the license within the toolkit_config.ini file itself by opening it with a text editor. 

For more information about session licensing please click here.

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