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25 June 2020

Why You Need Video Analytics For Your Digital Signage

Digital advertising has become a competitive and overcrowded market as companies increasingly add Digital Signage into their marketing strategies. Living in a digital age where the masses are captivated by an endless stream of media, opting for video marketing through digital signage is the perfect advertising strategy.

However, as the digital world expands our attention spans contract, this can lead to an advertising campaign getting lost in the crowd. Experts estimate that the average American is exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day, alone. Posing the question, how many of these advertisements are overlooked, and how many receive complete consumer engagement? The effective way to measure this is by using Video Analytics.

The importance of video analytics for digital signage

As a result of advancements in facial detection technology, digital signage has been massively transformed. Retail Marketers are no longer projecting advertisements on a loop hoping for engagement, but rather, are using artificial intelligence to help them make informed decisions about how to optimize their digital advertising impact. Facial detection systems integrated with digital signage enables real time decisions to be made as to which advertisements should be played in accordance with who is near the screen at the time. This allows for an ad to be tailored to an individual based on their demographic, increasing the likelihood that the individual will watch the advertisement with interest and with a hope that this will then be converted to sales.

Subsequently, retail marketers should no longer be content with in-store digital signage solutions that simply run content playlists. A content management system (CMS) should be part of a digital signage platform that is highly integrated, intelligent, intuitive, taking advantage of the gathered data to make bottom-line impacts.

Smart digital signage provides contextual content delivered at the right moment and ideal spot in the consumer’s shopping experience. At a high level, digital signage that is integrated with analytics solutions enable strategies that:

  • Collect anonymized data of customers in real time without infringing on their privacy;
  • Analyze the data and generate key business intelligence on customer behavior;
  • Optimize operations, selling strategies and marketing activities based on these insights.
Video analytics data and Facial Analysis

Video analytics data is gathered using face analysis technology. This technology preserves anonymity while information is collected:

  • Facial analysis – Use of camera-initiated pattern matching to identify gender and age range without recording any specific facial features.

Face Analysis technology provides a high degree of assurance as to whether shoppers viewed displayed merchandise, content or promotional offers on an in-store digital signage display.


Assessing consumer interest

By using video analytics, retailers can assess how much attention people put towards digital signage. Through impressions, or number of ad views, the technology is able to detect a person’s gender, approximate age, and mood, based on the contours of the person’s face. Also, the head pose gives a great indication into where exactly the person is looking.

Eye tracking is another technology that enables businesses to track where eyes are focused, identifying hot spots of attention.


Targeted ads and messages

Insights gathered from analytical data empowers businesses to make a host of changes on the fly. For instance, they can see immediately what promotional content or ads are effective with customers. This can go so far as to compare sales figures of certain products based on the times of the day and frequency of the ads for the respective item.

Prior to this, retailers had to wait days and sometimes weeks for such data. But because everything happens in real time, they can use analytical reports as the basis for reconfiguring store designs or repositioning products that cater to the interest of their consumers. They also can determine specifics about their clientele at various periods of the sales day and target ads and messages to them regarding certain products, services or promotions.

To answer the question why you need video analytics for your digital signage, the answer is this:
Analytics provide key and pivotal information that helps businesses make data-driven decisions.


How we can help

Digital signage video analytics is at the core of our AI solutions here at Sightcorp. Through computer vision and deep learning, we can analyze faces in images, videos, and in real-life environments.

By Danielle McCann

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