Why Us?

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Leading Face Analysis Specialists

At Sightcorp, we strive to deliver the best performing and most accurate products for our customers. Therefore, we are constantly updating our technology and adapting it to keep up with real-life requirements, using only the latest technologies. We orient our mindset towards the user, offering easy-to-use, plug and play solutions, or fully flexible and customizable solutions, that can be tailored to unique and specific use cases. Start exploring the possibilities of face analysis now.

Why Sightcorp?

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Deep Learning Technology

Our software is based on the latest Deep Learning algorithms, providing the most-optimal results in the field of face analysis.

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Most Affordable & Accurate

We offer the highest level of precision and performance alongside the most competitive pricing in the market. 

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Easy-to-use Software

Our software is developed with accessibility and simplicity in mind. Guaranteeing easy deployments for all businesses.


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Privacy by Design

Our Face Analysis Technology automatically blurs all the faces captured in a video stream, assuring 100% individual privacy protection.

Trusted Globally

We are established providers of accurate face analysis technology across the globe. Our commitment to creating the most-up-to-date, cutting-edge and easy-to-use software is what makes Sightcorp a great choice when acquiring accurate face analytics at the most competitive prices. Have a look at our range of Partners and see what can be achieved through the integration of our technology. 

Get Accurate Customer Insights

Integrate our real-time video analytics products into your business for 100% Deep Learning powered solutions and start performing accurate audience analysis now. 

Face Detection

Accurately detect individual faces or faces in crowds. 

Face Analysis

Detect and determine the age range and gender of customers.

Face Mask Detection

Check if individuals are wearing masks with real-time mask detection.

Mood Estimation

Analyze human smile and neutral expression to gain customer satisfaction insights.

Face Blur

Analyze faces while protecting people’s identity. 100% GDPR compliant. 

Face Tracking

Track multiple faces for insights into audience behavior and demographic data.

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