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Leading Face Analysis Solutions

Our face audience measurement solutions are powered by the latest deep learning technology, making them the most cutting edge applications on the market.

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Most Affordable

We offer the most competitive pricing available for accurate and robust face detection, tracking, and analysis solutions.  

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Privacy By Design

We take privacy seriously, therefore we have taken steps to ensure that all of our products comply with GDPR & CCPA regulations.



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Who Are We?

Sightcorp by Raydiant is the anonymous audience intelligence specialist for OOH Media, Digital Signage, and In-Store analytics, since 2013. We transform the latest computer vision and deep learning research into commercial and easy-to-use software solutions that give our customers across the globe accurate and actionable insights into their audiences in real-time.

As of January 2022, we are now part of the Raydiant family, the leader in providing on-screen, in-location digital experiences. Together we are working to deliver the first-of-its-kind, end-to-end experience management platform for retail, restaurants, and more! 

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Implement AI Technology Into Your Business

Sightcorp offers packaged solutions that are flexible and integrate quickly into existing processes, products, and services.

Need a custom solution? No problem, build it with one of our SDK’s.

The solutions from Sightcorp include people counting, tracking and people analysis with analytics as well as face redaction options.

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Demographic Analysis

Measure your customers’ age and gender with the world’s lowest Mean Absolute Error (MAE). Bringing Google Analytics like features to brick and mortar stores and the world of signage.

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Attention Analysis

Understand what motivates your customers and what grabs their attention by analyzing head movements and attention time. Resulting in relevant metrics that include OTS, Impressions, and View Times.

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Face Blur

Remove personally identifiable information automatically from video feeds or files. Finds faces and blur them, blur settings as boundary box size or pixelization can easily be configured on the go.

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Build smart human and emotion-aware products and apps, using any of your favorite desktop and mobile environments. Including C++/C#/JSON/ Windows/Linux & More.

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Mood Estimation

Leverage customers’ mood behavior data to optimize experiences and campaigns. The mood detector can distinguish between neutral and happy moods.

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Ready Solutions for Digital Signage, DOOH, and OOH

With the DeepSight Toolkit or one of our SDK’s, a non-invasive and 100% privacy-respecting system, you can easily gain a deeper understanding of your audiences, by acquiring data about their demographics, interests, and behavioral patterns as well as interact with them programmatically or dynamically. No development needed; we offer you a ready-to-use solution that can be integrated with any CMS or have a look at our ready CMS integrations.

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Retail Solutions

Sightcorp’s deep-learning computer vision solutions power retail in-store-analytics, responsive digital signage, and in-store displays. Use the data output to power your application and make data-informed decisions. The solutions work with any IP/USB camera and do not need internet connections.

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Discover Our Covid-19 Solutions

During this delicate period when maximum safety measures are needed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, being able to manage and monitor in-store customer flow and reduce overcrowding is essential for any business. For this reason, Sightcorp offers solutions that are able to anonymously count people entering a building, as well as being able to detect if individuals are wearing face masks. Clear messaging on occupancy levels and mask policies can be displayed on a digital screen for complete transparency on store policies. Implement this solution in any workplace setting with ease.


“Sightcorp’s audience measurement technology has streamlined and simplified retail operations for many of our clients. The automated and accurate output of customer-centered information such as people-count, demographics, and customer satisfaction, has removed the struggle of gaining such in-store insight and feedback manually. There is no need to take guesses anymore, retailers can use the data to optimize their business and boost revenue.”

– Raymond Sestig, Founder, Insightz

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