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Age Verification Software for a Fast Changing World

Legislation on verification for age-restricted goods is becoming stricter year by year. Whether you’re operating age-restricted websites, selling age-restricted goods or wanting insights on the ages of audiences reached through OOH advertising, by streamlining age identification with Sightcorp’s precise age detection software you will save time and money.

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DeepSight Toolkit
  • Get started quickly and easily
  • Real-time age analysis
  • Get specific age estimation
  • For edge or cloud analysis estimations
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DeepSight SDK
  • Software Development Kit
  • Build your own solution
  • Written in C++ with additional wrappers C# and python 
  • Works offline (one-time internet connection)
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  • Get raw & aggregated data reports in JSON or CSV
  • Connect any 3rd party dashboard easily to the toolkit
  • Use existing integrations made with 3rd party dashboards
  • No need to program
  • Get the data in age ranges or exact numbers.
  • Use Push/Pull to send triggers to alert staff if someone is underage 

Age Verification Use Cases

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Gambling & Gaming Consumer Age Verification

Verify player age in a matter of seconds using our face analysis technology. Our highly accurate age identification software allows for quick confirmation of player age and speeds up the customer onboarding process.

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Self-Service Kiosks Age Identification

Streamline the shopping experience with age identification at self-service kiosks. Our anonymous age detection software enables customers to easily purchase items that require age verification, such as alcohol and tobacco, without the need for continuous staff checks. The service can be used to speed up the check-out process, relieve staff members and create an improved in-store experience.

Age Restricted Websites: Facial Age Recognition

Age Restricted Websites: Facial Age Recognition

Easily grant or deny access to an age restricted site with our facial age recognition software. With our age verification software, the process of age checking is simplified and more accurate. This allows you to optimize user experience, causing minimal visitor disruptions, whilst ensuring compliance.

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Streamlining age verification checks using

Age recognition

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Flag Underage Users Whilst Protecting Their Anonymity

Whether operating a gambling site, an online dating site or any other site with adult content, staying on top of regulations is key. From 2019, several laws were added across Europe which placed more responsibility on companies for consumer age verification.

Sightcorp’s facial age estimation software solves the problem of compliance whilst protecting consumer anonymity. Our age detection technology allows you to set and define your own age ranges and thresholds for acceptance criteria to ensure that underage users are flagged whilst older users pass through to the site with ease. 

Age Spoofing & Liveness Detection​

Our age estimation solution is the ideal way to protect against fraudulent activity online. Skip the lengthy process of uploading documentation to confirm user age and instead carry out a quick check using face analysis across any device.It can run on premise or in the cloud.

Our age checking software removes the risk of storing documentation online which can be vulnerable to attacks and identity theft. The solution provides a simple process that’s time effective and most importantly, safe.

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Privacy Assured Age Verifications

Our age verification software is built with privacy at its core. While programmed to detect age, it will never retain images of faces and the software also comes with an additional face blurring feature which acts as an additional layer in ensuring anonymity.

The analysis process works as follows:

1. Images (frames) come in via the camera
2. Images do not get stored, but are immediately converted into “pixels” and hashed. The raw data collected consists of unidentifiable information in the form of zeros & ones. No storage of any form of imagery takes place at any given time.
3. The raw data is stored on the edge and on premise and can never be accessed by Sightcorp. 

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Age Recognition - How it Works

The process of Age Estimation is carried out by firstly detecting a face and then by anonymously analyzing the facial landmarks of that face. Facial landmarks tend to change with age and therefore the boundaries around the eyes and mouth, for example, become distinguishably different as we mature. This makes it easier for our deep learning algorithms to make estimations, combined with pre-existing data pools on which the technology is trained to provide accurate results.

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Age Verification FAQ ​

Age recognition is the estimation of a person’s age based on facial features and their positioning within images or live videos. The software determines age using an algorithm that is trained on an extensive database of different human faces. The technology tracks multiple facial features via a camera sensor and gives an estimate of the age of each individual.

Our technology can recognize age within 10-year ranges (0-9, 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-59, 60+) or can give results as exact numbers. These two categories are very useful, catering to all types of use cases. Our age thresholds are also adjustable and the software is therefore easily adaptable to each business goal.

We offer a two-week free trial period with our face age recognition software. In this free trial, you will be able to access not only this, but a whole host of other features including mask detection, gender recognition, head position analysis etc. This is invaluable data for all advertisers and market researchers.  Following this free trial, we will normally be in touch to discuss next steps. We offer one year licences during which time you can conduct all the analysis you want.

The minimum hardware requirements to implement facial age recognition software are; 


  • A camera > the technology is compatible with most cameras, from budget USB cameras to high definition IP cameras.
  • One time internet connection > the DeepSight Toolkit requires an internet connection at start-up for validating the license but it does not require internet connection for the real-time analysis. 
  • Nuc 10th generation > RAM: 8GB minimum, Intel® Core™ i3-10110U (4M Cache, up to 4.10 GHz)
  • Storage > at least 2 GB free space


The above is for physical analysis. The minimum requirements to implement facial age recognition software online are: 

For online analysis the software can be hosted on a cloud server. 

Age recognition can have multiple benefits in scenarios where age verification is necessary. The use cases are vast, ranging from; creating safe online environments for children, alcohol purchases to video streaming to online gambling. Age recognition technology can be successfully implemented everywhere.  With automatic age estimation, our clients can securely check the age of their customers to ensure they are of a required age in a non-intrusive and anonymous way.  Ensuring that they comply with any age guidelines or regulations set out by local governments such as COPPA (USA), PACT Act (USA) & the Digital Economy Act (UK) etc.

Our age identification software works using face analysis technology. To gain an accurate estimate of an age or age group, the face analysis algorithm works by analyzing a huge data set of images of faces with attached age labels. This technology extracts information from the frames in order to build out an image of the facial features indicative of age/ age groups. By analyzing these features, the algorithm can then estimate the age, as well the gender of a person. In this way by utilizing deep learning technology, the software becomes much more accurate at gender and age identifications and over time increases in accuracy, even matching or surpassing human accuracies.

Our software can estimate age with accuracy up to +/- 5 years. The highest accuracy can be achieved by creating a suitable scenario for the software, such as placing the camera at the eye level of individuals together with optimal lighting conditions. Both our SDK and Toolkit age recognition products are currently reporting near human levels of accuracy. 

Any business that requires age checking software or that is obligated to check consumer or visitor age can easily implement our anonymous age verification technology into their verification processes. From Supermarkets selling products such as tobacco or alcohol at self-service tills, to smart vending machine suppliers selling canabis or even pornography, gambling or dating site providers which require mandatory age verifications during the registration process or in order to grant users access to the content on the site.


The use cases for age recognition technology are endless. What’s more, our SDK is designed for developers to create their own solutions ensuring that they can conveniently combine our technology with their own existing applications and create their own unique solutions suited to their individual needs.

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