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“Through the aggregation of Sightcorp data with multiple data detection points, people-counting and Wi-Fi analytics, our ads and messages are more targeted and honed to specific audiences resulting in enhanced customer experience and interaction, and consequently delivering an overall higher ROI for clients.“

─ Patrick Hayes, Managing Director, Focal Media Limited

Frequently Asked Questions

What is audience analytics?

Audience analytics provide a lens into the customer journey. Customers are more empowered and connected than ever. Your audience has access to information anywhere, any time – what to buy, where to shop, how much to pay, etcetera. That makes it extremely important to predict how audiences will behave when interacting with brands, so you can respond accordingly. With meaningful visualizations, you can measure the impact of how you engage with your audiences. Without customer analytics, you’re left wondering who is listening to you. But through informed decisions surfaced by audience analytics, you uncover the high-value customers that will follow and this will help you to make better data-driven marketing decisions and campaigns.

What can you do with our customer analytics?

Firstly, understand your audience. Our Dashboard offers actionable insights on your audience’s mood and engagement response while watching a product, a shopping window, or for instance, an advertisement displayed outdoors. You can now understand what motivates their interest, behavior, and choices. Secondly, deliver effective campaigns. By recognizing your audience’s likes, you will be able to maximize the reach and impact of your marketing campaigns, make more cost-effective business decisions, adjust promotional activities and budgets, thus, engaging your audience more effectively. And last, improve client satisfaction. Deliver competitive, personalized experiences to your customers based on what they like, create new exciting ways of interacting with them, and measure customer satisfaction through emotion-aware environments.

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Technical Specifications

The table below shows how FaceMatch SDK performs on the Labelled Faces in the Wild (LFW) dataset:

FPRTPRThreshold (Inverse of distance)
0.10.99900 ±0.002130.55448
0.010.99667 ±0.005370.59791
0.0010.99367 ±0.006050.62989

FPR = False Positive Rate
TPR = True Positive Rate

These results are an indication only and are based on the specific dataset Labelled Faces in the Wild. Customers can expect similar performance, with possible variations due to hardware and the availability of annotated data.