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Audience Analytics

  • Analyze Audiences in Real-Time
  • Spot Audience Behavior Trends
  • Optimize and Target Content
  • Increase Audience Engagement
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Understand your Customers

Advertisers, marketers, and digital signage owners rely on accurate audience data to get a deeper knowledge of their customers. Track consumers behavioral patterns now with our face analytics software. 

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Perform Audience Segmentation

Identify subgroups towards whom you target your tailored messages. With cutting-edge AI technology you can acquire data that helps you to subdivide people according to their demographics, age and gender. 

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Target the Right Audience Effortlessly
Get real-time audience insights and target effectively any marketing campaign to offer your product or service precisely to consumers who will benefit from it. 
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More Interactive and Meaningful Customer Experiences

Digital Signage owners and advertisers can get a comprehensive report about their digital ad visualizations, ascertaining viewers’ shopping behavior, demographics, habits, mood and buying intentions.  

Anonymous audience analytics helps you to enhance your brand awareness through marketing campaigns designed to minimize fails and cultivate the relationship with your customers by understanding better their needs. 

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Make Insight-Driven Marketing Decisions

Monitoring the performance of your campaigns in real time is made possible with DeepSight software. Thanks to our outstanding computer-vision technology, combined with cameras placed strategically, you can determine how many people are looking at the content displayed on digital screen, their age, what their gender is, and how much time they spend looking at the content. With this data, you are able to formulate more impactful messages, and furthermore optimize existing campaigns, increase customer engagement and ROI. 

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Measuring On-Premise Audiences

Analyzing audiences in an offline, on-premise scenario is not always easy. That’s why we created DeepSight, our high performing and accurate Face Analytics product to help you obtain granular, google-analytics type insights that match up to those measured in the online world.

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Save Time
Acquire complete audience data and predict consumers behavior without wasting time in A/B marketing campaigns testing.  
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Optimize Costs
It is no longer necessary to spend extra budget on ineffective advertisements. Get real insights about your audience and their reactions to your content. 
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Engage Your Audience

Analyze impressions of your ad and make sure that your advertising campaigns are delivering the results that you expect and if your audience react positively.

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Maximize ROI
Optimize your campaigns to the best with detailed data reports and adjust advertising messages to deliver a more effective communication.  

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Applicable products

Sightcorp currently offers two products that carry out Face Analysis:

  • DeepSight SDK  
  • DeepSight Toolkit 


DeepSight Toolkit is an easy-to-use cross-platform solution that enables you to detect and analyze multiple faces using just one application. The software is the deep learning-based successor to CrowdSight Toolkit, which gives you accurate insights into the behavior of your audience in real-world environments. No hard coding is required, which means that anyone can install and use the software within minutes.

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Software Features
  • Ready to use – no development needed
  • Detect and analyze people’s age & gender and more for DOOH & retail insights
  • Easy to use aggregated data output
  • Ready integrations with CMSs
  • Face Mask Detection for C19 prevention

Face Analysis for Audience Analytics

What is Audience Analytics?

Audience analytics provide a lens into the customer journey. Customers are more empowered and connected than ever. Your audience has access to information anywhere, any time – what to buy, where to shop, how much to pay, etcetera. That makes it extremely important to predict how audiences will behave when interacting with brands, so you can respond accordingly. With meaningful visualizations, you can measure the impact of how you engage with your audiences. Without customer analytics, you’re left wondering who is listening to you. But through informed decisions surfaced by audience analytics, you uncover the high-value customers that will follow and this will help you to make better data-driven marketing decisions and campaigns.

What is Audience Segmentation?
Audience segmentation is simply the process of dividing people into meaningful and manageable groups – or segments – so that products and services, as well as communication efforts, are designed and tailored to satisfy the targeted groups. Audience segmentation assumes that different groups of audiences have different needs and characteristics that influence the extent to which they pay attention to, understand and act on different messages. By segmenting the audience in this way, a brand can get a clearer understanding of who it needs to target and how. 
What can you do with our Customer Analytics?

Firstly, understand your audience. Our Dashboard offers actionable insights on your audience’s mood and engagement response while watching a product, a shopping window, or for instance, an advertisement displayed outdoors. You can now understand what motivates their interest, behavior, and choices. Secondly, deliver effective campaigns. By recognizing your audience’s likes, you will be able to maximize the reach and impact of your marketing campaigns, make more cost-effective business decisions, adjust promotional activities and budgets, thus, engaging your audience more effectively. And last, improve client satisfaction. Deliver competitive, personalized experiences to your customers based on what they like, create new exciting ways of interacting with them, and measure customer satisfaction through emotion-aware environments.

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