13 January 2022

Sightcorp Acquired By Raydiant

Dear Partner,

We would like to share some exciting news with you! Sightcorp will join forces with Raydiant to become the nr. 1 in-location experience & customer engagement platform powered by audience analytics. This acquisition will give us the opportunity to bring our customers & partners benefits that we would otherwise not be able to achieve in the short term such as;

  • Improved and scalable product UI
  • New AI innovation & technology
  • Comprehensive partner program

While many things will surely change, our collaboration and partnership will remain the same. The happiness of our partners and customers is at the forefront of all we do therefore we would like to share our joint plans and future vision with you.

First and foremost, we will honor and keep supporting our integrated solutions and projects of existing and new clients. Our goal moving forward will be to further develop and optimize our offering and bring it to market with a scalable and easy to use experience platform. This, of course, includes the added value of our partnership.

Below you will find a list of answers to questions that you might have about the acquisition. If you would like to discuss our future collaboration in more detail, please reach out to our team.

Acquisition FAQs

We highly value our partners therefore we want to give you the most seamless transition into this new chapter of Sightcorp. We will honor our existing integrations and clients by further working on optimizing our offering and creating as easy and as user-friendly customer experience as possible.

For the first couple of months, end-customers will keep using DeepSight as is. Our team will work on optimizing the user experience and creating acentralized platform for everything DeepSight related (e.g. camera management, licensing and reporting). End-users will then have the opportunity to switch to the new DeepSight product offering and immediately benefit from a scalable Cloud-based environment.

Are you still going to offer our solution to leads?
We will keep offering DeepSight as is and advising new and existing leads on
the most optimal and best (integrated) solution that fits their requirements.

DeepSight will keep on evolving and improving hence our continued partnership will give you consistent access to future proof solutions, cutting edge R&D and a fully developed marketplace of integrated solutions that will give you all the tools to never say ‘no’ to a customer or a project. We will also release a disruptive partner program with great rewards for you and your sales teams (more details coming soon!).

No, DeepSight will be offered as a standalone service. However, you and end-users will have full access to Raydiant’s growing marketplace of 3rd party apps and plugins that will allow you to stay ahead of competition and never decline a project because of missing add-ons (e.g. POS integration, news feed content, Hubspot plugin, etc.).

Yes, we will keep offering support for DeepSight SDK.

Absolutely! As a partner you will have full access to the Raydiant Developer Tools and a growing marketplace of 3rd party apps and plugins that will allow you to stay ahead of competition and never decline a project because of missing add-ons (e.g. POS integration, news feed content, Hubspot plugin, etc.).

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About the Author

Sightcorp is the anonymous audience analytics intelligence specialist for Digital Signage, DOOH, Out of Home Media, and In-Store Analytics. Making lightweight AI edge software solutions that bridge the gap between the online and real world. Providing anonymous in-store analytics to Retailers and powering the DOOH ecosystem with ad performance metrics for advertisers, real-time audience reach for media network owners, and an industry-recognized impression-based currency for programmatic advertising.