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03 May 2018

New AI hub will be in Science Park!

Last month has been a decisive period for the future of AI in The Netherlands. The University of Amsterdam and the City of Amsterdam have recently committed to establishing an AI hub in the heart of Amsterdam Science Park. The UvA already hosts between 400 and 500 students enrolled in AI study programs and various projects. The planned extension of the existing AI research facilities will involve a new 11,000 m2 building dedicated to research, education and entrepreneurship.

This additional space will not only house students and researchers, but also strengthen Amsterdam’s position as one of the most important European centers in the area of Science, Education and Research. The open co-creation space is meant to bring research, education and private sector in the ever-changing field of AI closer together. The project is expected to receive €4 million in funding from the city of Amsterdam and the construction is scheduled to be completed by early 2021.

As you might know, Sightcorp is one of the AI powered companies headquartered in Science Park. Our collaboration with University of Amsterdam has always been fruitful and productive therefore we are very excited to see what this new addition will bring!

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By Sightcorp

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