19 March 2015

Audience-aware Technology to Improve Airport Experience

Last week, we had the pleasure of participating at the Passenger Terminal Expo, in Paris as we were invited by our partner Scarabee to join their booth.

It was an inspiring three-day tour into the Future of Airports and Travel, full of great networking opportunities to connect with some of the leading airports in the world. We were happy to discover the latest innovations and next-generation solutions in the market; and to introduce our audience measurement and face analysis solutions as essential catalysts for improving passenger experience, customer satisfaction and optimizing business growth.


Our Narrowcasting application and the Audience Analytics report are some of the innovations that we brought to Paris, as they can have real impact on how airports and travel providers engage with passengers, and understand their behavior and interest towards stimuli.

  • The Narrowcasting solution enables to dynamically target the advertisement content displayed in any digital screen across all airport areas, according to the gender group of the audience who is in front of it (see first image above). This application has potential to be extended to adjust content based on age, and emotional behavior.
  • CrowdStats Audience Measurement offers you a reliable and real-time reporting system, which translates valuable insights on your audiences’ mood and attention into a live dashboard. You can track how your passengers engage with content, products or other stimuli, and how they react emotionally to it in such spaces as waiting rooms, shopping and control areas, and more. You can visualize this information per age and gender.


Don’t hesitate to contact our Sales Team on, for further information on these solutions and Face Analysis technology.

In case you didn’t make it to PTE 2015, here’s a review article from Future Travel Experience on the top next-generation solutions present at the show, including the Sightcorp technologies: “14 Solutions that can help to improve the airport experience today”.

A huge THANK YOU to our partner Scarabee for having us at their booth and to all interested people who passed by. Looking forward to continuing the conversation with you!

By Sightcorp

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