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02 May 2014

Sightcorp event brings Marketers and Face Analysis Technologies together

Last April 22nd, Sightcorp had the pleasure of hosting an event about the Future of Advertisement which was addressed to an audience of Dutch professional Marketers. We were glad to have Michael Schiessl, CEO of our partner-company eye square Berlin, as a special speaker.

Context: Innovative Marketing and Interactive Advertisement

The automated facial expressions and eye tracking measurements are adding value towards a better knowledge of consumer behavior and their interest.
With the help of the Face Analysis Technologies from Sightcorp, Marketers and Advertisers can now go over the common limitations of traditional Marketing techniques and get automated, reliable answers from individuals and audiences in real-time. They are able to understand how consumers think and experience brands, products and content, by tracking their facial expressions and where they look at the screen; or simply compare which age or gender group is more interested in a specific Visual.
Marketers must follow these new technology trends in order to stay ahead in the market, therefore, offering unique experiences and targeted messages to their consumers.

The Agenda

This event was addressed to the Dutch Association of Platform Innovatie in Marketing and kicked off with very inspiring talks from some of their Marketing members.

Our CEO, Jan Pruis and CSO, Prof. dr. Theo Gevers, talked about how the future of advertisement will look like and how Face Analysis and Eye Tracking technologies are making ads more personalized and relevant for consumers.

The session ended up with a great talk from eye square’s CEO, who presented the results of one of their key consumer research studies and highlighted the impact of the automated facial analysis to a better understanding of human emotional response and choices.

We want to thank all speakers, the enthusiastic participants and the dedicated organizers of Platform Innovatie in Marketing for making this event a success!

press presentation

By Sightcorp

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