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Everything You Need to Gain Insights into Network Performance & Accurate Audience Data

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DeepSight Toolkit Features:
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Broadsign Platform Features
  • Distribute Content Across a Network of Any Size
  • Deploy & Manage Globally
  • Set Rules & Criteria to serve content to your target audience 
  • No need for advertising playlists
  • Collect and Visualize Data
  • Generate Proof of Play Reports 
  • Runs on Windows, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, webOS Signage, Samsung TIZEN, BrightSign
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Sightcorp's Integration with Broadsign

Take the use of Sightcorps partner integration with BroadSign in order to obtain real-time relevant insights about your clients, such as demographics, behavior patterns, and much more! Set up effective and targetable advertising campaigns based on the data of your audience. 

Automatically record and analyze recorded information for every promotional material within the advertising campaign, get to know what works for a given audience and whatnot. Take full control of your promotional strategy, make sure that it’s cost-effective, and that you are getting the result that you paid for. 

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Value for Media Owners

By Implementing Broadsign media owners can accurately measure audience reach for each screen, understand demographic trends per network and use this data to offer highly targeted space to advertisers enabling them to shift from a location-based model to a more granular and results-backed impression-based sales model. 

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Value for Media Buyers
  • Measure post-campaign ad performance with Google AdWords like metrics, count and attribute true viewers to specific campaigns
  • Unlock the power of programmatic with real-time currency for real-time buys 
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Who Is BroadSign?

Broadsign is a global leader in digital out-of-home marketing platforms. It enables agencies, brands, and publishers to buy, sell and deliver various DOOH campaigns with efficiency and reliability. Founded back in 2004, the company has expanded rapidly ever since and now powers approximately 130000 displays worldwide.

The company offers content management, direct sales, network operations, and programmatic distribution in one single platform. Moreover, they make it easier than ever for companies to connect with their audiences across the globe. Their platform powers strong messaging at the heart of people’s lives, lighting up shopping malls, airports, health clinics, and more!

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