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Be in Charge

Take full control of your advertising campaign. Automatically distribute your advertising content and spread your message across a vast DOOH network of any given size.

Create Personalized Advertising Messages

Take the use of Sightcorps DeepSight and various supported platforms in order to engage your clients with personalized experiences and individual offers based on a customer’s data profile. Analyze your clients and based on the audience’s insights. Adapt the advertisement messages and content in order to better fit the individual preferences of each client.

Measure and Analyze Your Audience

Start testing different advertisement angles and ad messages. Identify the age group, gender, emotions of your customers, and attention time. Spot any new customer behavior trends. Get to know who your converting customers are. Make use of this data in order to optimize your promotional strategy to increase customer engagement and sales. 

Who is BroadSign

Broadsign is a global leader in digital out-of-home marketing platforms. It enables agencies, brands, and publishers to buy, sell and deliver various DOOG campaigns with superior efficiency, reliability, and security. The business has been founded back in 2004 and has been growing rapidly ever since. The company offers content management, direct sales, network operations, and programmatic distribution in one single platform. 

Broadsign powers approximately 130000 displays worldwide, delivers more than 11 billion advertisements, and is proud to achieve 30 billion impressions per month through the use of its network. Broadsign is constantly growing, expanding its customer base simultaneously dedicating itself to predicting and responding to various industry trends in order to make its digital signage solution one of the safes within the market as well as futureproof, even with the most complex requirements from its clients. 

What is the solution?

Sightcorp integration with BroadSight supplements the DOOH system and facilitates the process of Audience Analytics by providing the operators with an ability to analyze, measure, and optimize promotional DOOH campaigns. Integration with Sightcorps Audience Analytics software focuses on helping businesses to understand their customers and facilitates the process of customer engagement through the use of relevant advertising content while respecting individual privacy regulations. 

Approach to Business: BroadSign

At BroadSign we believe that we live in a world, where digital and real-life collides, where advertising campaigns drive growth, create excitement, foster innovation, and where individual creativity inspires great ideas. We are focused on facilitating the harness of the power of out-of-home for agencies, brands, and publishers. 

Moreover, we are making it easier than ever for companies to connect with their audiences across the globe. Our platform powers strong messaging at the heart of people’s lives, lighting up shopping malls, airports, health clinics, and more!

BroadSign integration with Sightcorp

Take the use of Sightcorps partner integration with BroadSign in order to obtain real-time relevant insights about your clients, such as demographics, behavior patterns, and much more! Set up effective and targetable advertising campaigns based on the data of your audience. 

Automatically record and analyze recorded information for every promotional material within the advertising campaign, get to know what works for a given audience and whatnot. Take full control of your promotional strategy, make sure that it’s cost-effective, and that you are getting the result that you paid for. 

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