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DeepSight Toolkit Features:
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Broadsign Control Features:
  • Distribute content across any network size
  • Deploy & manage screens globally
  • Use custom criteria to serve content to your target audience 
  • Collect accurate ad performance metrics per campaign including impression and demographic data
  • Generate detailed Proof of Play reports
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Broadsign Reach Features:
  • Maximize revenue from your network with programmatic sales
  • Connect with new buyers with an SSP built for DOOH
  • Gather real-time impression data using the only technology that guarantees true impressions
  • Understand audience demographics per location & time of day
  • Enable buyers to transact with an impression based currency
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Sightcorp's Integrations with Broadsign

Sightcorp’s partner integration with Broadsign brings anonymous audience analytics together with content and network management systems and programmatic selling. Our DeepSight Toolkit is integrated with Broadsign Control and Broadsign Reach which are designed to empower media owners and buyers alike.

The Solutions:

Broadsign Control – Is a cloud-based CMS that allows users to schedule ads according to an automated rules-based system. The integrated video analytics technology provides advertisers with relevant ad performance metrics and audience insights that enable them to optimize their ad campaigns.

Broadsign Reach – An SSP that enables media owners to generate more revenue from their networks by using real-time impression data to fuel pDOOH and RTB. 

Value for Media Owners

By using the integrated solution media owners can take control of their network and prove its performance with reliable audience data that is anonymous and insightful.

What media owners can achieve:

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Value for Media Buyers

The integration provides media buyers with more flexibility and visibility into the network performance during the buying process. Media buyers also no longer need to book ad space upfront, instead, they can purchase it on demand and bid on inventory via a DSP when and where it matters most, according to their predefined goals and KPI’s.

Full benefits for Media Buyers:

Discover How The Integrations Work

Broadsign Control & DeepSight Toolkit

The CMS works by issuing a start signal when a piece of content begins and a stop signal when a piece of content ends. When the Toolkit receives the start signal it begins collecting audience data until there is a stop signal received. The Toolkit outputs the audience data collected for that segment. The audience per content data is then merged with PoP data and sent to an endpoint. This can either be a 3rd party dashboard or Sightcorp’s out-of-the-box visualization platform DeepSight Data Studio which has a native integration with DeepSight Toolkit.

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Broadsign Reach & DeepSight Toolkit

The SSP integration works by sending a request to the DeepSight Toolkit before an ad slot is about to be offered in the DSP for bidding. The Toolkit sends back a predicted audience count which is then used for programmatic transactions. The real-time impression data enables media buyers to assess the value of the space and allows media owners to price it based on a impression basis (CPM). As opposed to other measurement technologies, the Toolkit continues to analyze audience data post programmatic sale, providing conclusive PoP reports and insights for the media buyer who won the slot. These reports can then be visualized and analyzed further in a dashboard.

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Who Is Broadsign?

Broadsign is a global leader in digital out-of-home marketing platforms. They enable agencies, brands, and publishers to buy, sell and deliver various DOOH campaigns with efficiency and reliability. Founded back in 2004, the company has expanded rapidly ever since and now powers approximately 130,000 displays worldwide.

The company offers content management, direct sales, network operations, and programmatic distribution in one single platform. Moreover, they make it easier than ever for companies to connect with their audiences across the globe. Their platform powers strong messaging at the heart of people’s lives, lighting up shopping malls, airports, health clinics, and more!

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