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DeepSight SDK

The DeepSight SDK is a face analysis library based on advanced proprietary deep learning models with best-in-class accuracy and performance. DeepSight can detect faces from any angle & distance and perform accurate demographic analysis on the edge! 


  • GPU not required
  • Minimum Requirements: 
  • CPU Intel i3 /i5/ i7 at least 6th generation
  • Video input resolution of 640×480 (min)
  • RAM: 4 GB minimum
  • Storage: 1Gb free space
  • DeepSight SDK Written in C++
  • Works offline (one-time internet connection)
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DeepSight SDK as-a-service

The DeepSight SDK as-a-service provides programmers with the opportunity to build applications using their preferred language for example C#, Java, PY and many more. 

Detect faces in crowds or carry out individual analysis on the edge. All analysis is privacy compliant and anonymous, ensuring your applications are smart and secure AI powered solutions from the outset!  

  • GPU not required
  • Minimum Requirements: 
  • CPU Intel i3 /i5/ i7 at least 6th generation
  • Video input resolution of 640×480 (min)
  • RAM: 4 GB minimum
  • Storage: 1Gb free space
  • Written in C++ with additional wrappers available for C#, Python & more.  
  • Works offline (one-time internet connection)
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Industry Matches

couple walking in mall

Create your own retail solution using our anonymous face analysis technology. From occupancy monitoring, to implementing age restricted self-service checkouts or even for the purpose of carrying out in-store analysis, the DeepSight SDK is fully customizable to suit your business goals.

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DOOH & Digital Signage

Integrate DeepSight SDK with your Digital Signage or DOOH display to deploy anonymous face analysis and create dynamic, targeted, and programmatic advertisements. Increase viewer engagement and enjoyment and boost your ROI.

security camera

Enhance your surveillance solutions with automatic face blurring technology. Ensure your surveillance operations are GDPR and CCPA compliant with automatic face blurring, ensuring privacy protection for anyone present in the live video footage.  

people walking in airport

Create intelligent solutions and streamline airport operations using face analysis. Track and monitor visitors, ensure masks are being worn and set up real-time alerts for those not in compliance. 

hotel bell hospitality

Utilize DeepSight SDK to measure mood and analyze customer experiences. Receive honest feedback in the form of sentiment analysis and review your how your service and staff are performing.


Create a safe and sanitary environment for employees and visitors in corporate offices and public buildings such as Banks, Museums and Art Galleries using an accurate occupancy and mask monitoring system.   

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Industry Matches: Digital Signage, Security & Retail

Face Analysis

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DeepSight SDK Features

Both SDK’S come with a full suite of face analysis features to provide the ultimate AI tool and addition to your applications!

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Fully Customizable Solution

Our DeepSight SDK’s are fully customizable solutions that can be easily integrated with other technologies in order for you to create your own unique solutions.    

Build applications in your own language: Connect to the SDK from applications written in your own language. Communicate using C#, JavaScript, Python, Java & others. 

Toolbox for many applications: Utilize DeepSight SDK to build your own innovative technologies. 

Data Aggregation: The SDK outputs live values which can be communicated to a 3rd party application.    

Data Integration: Integrate the SDK on the edge with ease.

Start writing your own solution now! 

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DeepSight SDK Support

Our DeepSight SDK comes with comprehensive documentation, samples and guides to supply you with all the information that you will need to get started.

Support is also available from our helpful engineers during the first point of contact to ensure a simplified and easy implementation process. 

Learn more about DeepSight SDK by requesting more information. 

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Why DeepSight SDK?

Using DeepSight SDK you can build your own unique and powerful deep learning based solutions. Designed to anonymously detect, track and analyze faces for your own convenience.

Privacy by Design: GDPR compliant technology with face blur technology. All analysis is anonymous, and no personally identifiable information is ever collected or stored.

Fast and Accurate: The SDK provides accurate results in real-time for assured confidence and first class data.

Connection: Requires a one time internet connection only.

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DeepSight SDK

What is DeepSight SDK?

Our DeepSight Software Development Kit (SDK) is based on Deep Learning and has been built in-house by our highly skilled team of computer vision experts. DeepSight SDK is excellent at detecting faces – it can be an ideal solution for face-based people counting and face blurring in live video to comply with privacy laws.

The DeepSight technology is a deep learning-based update of the CrowdSight software. Face Detection, Age and Gender Estimation are the core features of our proprietary deep learning algorithms.  Additionally, it includes Mood and Happiness detection capabilities for Retail and Digital Signage applications. We are in a process of rolling out the other emotion recognition. DeepSight is available for Windows, Linux and Android platforms.

Analyzed Features

The DeepSight SDK is capable of face detection and counting, age estimation, mask detection and gender prediction. We have been offering these features in other products for many years and have invested a lot of time and effort to continuously keep offering the best our customers deserve when running their analysis in their own scenarios.

More features will be added soon. This will come at no extra cost, so sign up today to start getting even better results from your real-world customer analysis!

Ready To Get Started With Our DeepSight Software Development Kit (SDK)?

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