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Demographic analysis

Demographic Analysis Software for DOOH & Retail

By implementing demographic analysis technology into your DOOH network or retail business you can create personalized and tailored experiences for your customers based on their age and gender by matching products and content to their preferences. Whether it may be to improve your digital ad campaigns or optimize in-store marketing, you can use the demographic data insights provided by DeepSight to boost customer engagement, satisfaction and sales. 

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DeepSight Toolkit ​
  • Get started quick and easy
  • No need for hard coding
  • Quality gender analysis
  • Quick age estimations
  • Intuitive interface
  • Ready CMS integration
  • Ready Plug-Ins with 3rd Party Dashboards
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DeepSight SDK ​
  • Software Development Kit
  • Build your own solution
  • Written in C++ with additional wrappers C# and Python 
  • Works offline (one-time internet connection)
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DeepSight Data Studio
  • Cloud-based dashboard
  • Visualize data easily & from multiple cameras
  • Ready Reports
  • Automatic scheduling of reports (monthly, weekly, daily)
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Demographic Analysis Use Cases

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Demographic Data Collection for DOOH & Digital Signage

Using DeepSight, you can carry out accurate demographic data collection and analysis on your OOH audiences in real-time. Understand your audience breakdown per ad and see which demographic group; responds best, has the most engagement and if they have a positive sentiment. Use this granular data to measure content performance and form new strategies.  

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Demographic Content Triggering for DOOH & Digital Signage

Use real-time demographic data to deploy triggered and targeted ad content and to create personalized experiences. Boost viewer engagement and increase ad campaign success by understanding who your audience is at every given moment and using this data to present contextualized content that grabs attention and receives the right reception!

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In-store Customer Demographic Analysis

Optimize your retail operations using demographic analysis. Utilizing age and gender estimations you can create personalized product offerings, tailored marketing content and understand your main customer demographic make-up and buyer personas. Combine this data with POS data to measure conversions and store performance. 

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Demographic Analysis

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Demographic Analysis for Dynamic Content Delivery: How Does it Work?

Demographic analysis software, powered by deep learning technology works by anonymously analyzing the faces of people close to or passing by a screen, using an embedded or attached camera.  

The technology assesses the age and gender of each person and through the use of a CMS it plays tailored content to the predominant demographic present. I.e. If there is a female who is estimated to be in her twenties in front of the screen then content that is deemed relevant to her demographic group will be played.

Since the content is personalized and tailored to each individual it is likely to receive higher levels of attention and engagement making your campaigns even more effective! 

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Audience Demographic Analysis
Our versatile demographic analysis product, DeepSight, bridges the gap between the online and offline world providing data insights for DOOH media owners and buyers alike that promote business growth and fuel data-backed decision making.

What you can do with the technology:

  • Carry out real-time audience age and gender data analysis
  • Receive granular audience demographic insights on a per content/per screen basis
  • Measure the ad engagement of each demographic group and use this data to make improvements to future campaigns 
  • React to audiences with dynamic and targeted content to increase overall viewing time
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Customer Demographic Analysis

Improve your retail marketing strategies, customer satisfaction levels and increase conversion rates using Sightcorp’s demographic analysis solution.

Demographic Breakdown Data: By integrating anonymous, AI analysis technology into your in-store signage, you can gain insightful data into the main demographic groups visiting your store, the times of the day that they visit and how they respond to your digital marketing campaigns. Utilize real-time data to deploy targeted content during your customers path to purchase and increase conversions. 

Additional Analysis Data: Using our state-of-the-art analysis product, DeepSight, you will also have access to extra customer analysis features such as mood estimation, attention time data, footfall counting insights, and much more all in one affordable product!

Discover all the analysis features now!

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Privacy Assured Demographic Analysis

Privacy is at the heart of everything that we do at Sightcorp. Therefore, our software has been crafted to ensure that it only aggregates anonymous data and never recognizes faces or stores any information surrounding peoples’ identities.

By complying with privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and others, you can use our demographic analysis technology in your business with the assurance that the software is keeping your visitors and customers protected!  

We even have an extra layer of privacy protection in the form of face blur technology that can be applied to video footage in real-time.

Check it out in the video. 

Demographic Analysis FAQs

Demographic analysis is a study or technique used to understand the age and gender of an individual or a group of people usually for the purpose of market research. In business, demographic research is useful for understanding customer breakdowns and enables business owners to provide more tailored and targeted content, products or services that can help improve overall customer experience and sales. Sightcorp’s demographic analysis technology provides an anonymous solution to measuring age and gender, ensuring that the privacy of every individual is top priority.

Demographic analysis can be implemented into any industry where the study of demographic data is useful. A number of key industry examples where demographic data can be used are Retail, DOOH and in Entertainment. As the technology is available in both a plug and play solution (DeepSight Toolkit) or as a buildable software (DeepSight SDK) the use cases for this technology are endless.

Demographic analysis can be carried out using audience analytics technology, a digital screen and a camera that is usually embedded into the digital signage itself. 

Customer demographic analysis is the study into the characteristics of customers such as their age, gender, household income, education etc for the purpose of statistical analysis to improve customer insight and boost sales. Using Sightcorp’s demographic analysis technology you can anonymously analyze the age and gender of customers alongside other useful metrics such as mood or even the time they spend viewing an in-store ad.

An example of demographic analysis would be in digital signage for carrying out research into ad performance. Understanding the demographics of your audience, especially in real-time, enables dynamic content to be played, offering viewers a more contextualized and personalized experience. If an ad is tailored to the individual who is watching it and it aligns with their preferences then they are more likely to pay attention and be interested in that ad. This, in turn, can then increase the likelihood of sales. A second example is demographic analysis carried out in-store for the purpose of product acquisition and placement. By understanding their daily customer breakdown, retailers can offer products suited to their main type of visitor. Increasing potential for sales and creating more engaging in-store experiences.

The age and gender data that is collected using audience analytics technology can be viewed using Sightcorps own data visualization tool, DeepSight Data Studio or can also be viewed using a third-party dashboard. The data can be used to gather demographic insights on a hourly, weekly or monthly basis depending on which option is the most suitable for your business use case. If you opt to use Sightcorp’s dashboard, aggregated data will be displayed in the form of easy-to-read graphs and charts, making data analysis simplified and easy to digest.

Sightcorp’s demographic analysis technology is robust and has been trained to determine people’s age and gender even when they are wearing facemasks. Our software is always being updated in order to keep up with the latest trends, technologies, and everchanging worldwide dynamics. In order to learn more about facemask detection and see how it can benefit your business, browse our covid-19 solutions.

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