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  • Audience and Context-Aware Signage Displays
  • Spot Audience Behavior Trends
  • Higher Customer Engagement
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Discover Consumer Characteristics and Behavioral Trends
Incorporate Audience Analytics in your digital screen and start to analyze consumers reactions to the content in real time, collecting practical customer data useful to understand the correlation between the content and consumer genuine   response to it.  
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Implement People Counting for Digital Signage
With simply a webcam positioned at threshold, you can easily determine human traffic within the shop, attendance peaks and falls through the day and in-store conversion, by comparing number of visitors against the number of buyers. 
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Create an Enhanced Customer Experience
Connect to your audience trough digital screens, offering a more engaging visual shopper experience. With Face Analysis software implemented in your screen, you can deliver dynamic campaigns by targeting in real-time the right ad to the right customers according to their demographic characteristics. 
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Integrate your Digital Signage with Face Analysis software and boost your DOOH campaigns 

Digital-Out-Of-Home advertising has been increasingly popular in the past years. Unlike with media advertisement that can be skipped or blocked, programmatic DOOH delivers the right message to the right viewers, at the right place and time without interruption thanks to our DeepSight audience analysis solutions, able to spot individuals’ demographics, attention time looking at the screed, behavior, and mood.

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Versatility of Digital Signage solution 

If you haven’t started to implement Digital Signage in your business yet, nowadays you’ll find it in the following sectors: 

  • In retail, for smart store solutions particularly during COVID-19 pandemic.
  • In airports, bus and train stations, where digital billboards display travelling information along with ads.
  • In DOOH, showcasing ad hoc content to the right audience. 
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Sightcorp Solutions
For Expression Analysis

At Sightcorp, we empower Digital Signage providers with in-depth insights into their audience, so you can focus on engaging your audience effectively. Knowing and understanding consumers will help you to predict and react efficiently to the constantly changing shopping environment. Our Face Analysis Technology can help you analyze the response of your customers.

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Get To Know Your Audience

Measure the emotional and behavioral response of your consumers. Analyze it, and get to know what group of individuals are reacting positively to your content.

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Optimize Costs

No extra expenditures on ineffective advertisements. Thanks to real-time audience analytics you get useful data that helps you to achieve impressive results. 

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Engage Your Audience
Analyze impressions of your ad and make sure that your advertising campaigns are delivering the results that you have expected and if your audience reacts positively.
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Maximize ROI
Optimize your campaigns to the best with detailed data reports and adjust advertising messages to deliver a more effective communication with your customers.

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Applicable Products

Sightcorp currently offers two products that carry out Face Analysis:

  • DeepSight SDK  
  • DeepSight Toolkit 


DeepSight Toolkit is an easy-to-use cross-platform solution that enables you to detect and analyze multiple faces using just one application. The software is the deep learning-based successor to CrowdSight Toolkit, which gives you accurate insights into the behavior of your audience in real-world environments. No hard coding is required, which means that anyone can install and use the software within minutes.

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Software Features
  • Ready to use – no development needed
  • Detect and analyze people’s age & gender and more for DOOH & retail insights
  • Easy to use aggregated data output
  • Ready integrations with CMSs
  • Face Mask Detection for C19 prevention

Face Analysis for Digital Signage

What is a Digital Signage Solution?

One of the primary benefits of Digital Signage is the persuasive communication with audience. A Digital Signage solution comprises numerous components, from hardware to software, which all work together to deliver the best performance out of a digital sign. Typically, displayed content on a screen falls into three categories: video/entertainment, directional/informational and audio/visual. These three uses can — and often do — overlap, and are the most common ways that companies and organizations leverage Digital Signage in their everyday operations.

What is Digital-Out-Of-Home Advertising (DOOH)?
Digital media used for marketing purposes outside of the home is known as Digital Out of Home (DOOH). The term is usually used in relation to advertising-based networks. DOOH advertising includes outdoor signage, digital billboards, and screen networks found in malls and other businesses.   Out-of-home advertising, on the other hand, is the traditional non-digital outdoor advertising. Also known as outdoor media or out-of-home media, out-of-home advertising (OOH) refers to messaging your audience when they’re in public areas, waiting on bus stops, commuting to work, and in specific commercial locations. 
What types of Digital Signage Solutions are available? ​

Some examples of how Digital Signage is used today include the following: 

In retail: communicating in-store specials, acting as a smart store solution during pandemics (mask detection, traffic control), directing customers to desired parts of the store and conveying a brand message. 

• In banks: information about interest rates and product information, as well as lifestyle messages and branding.

• In airports and bus stations, information about arrival and departure times, as well as advertisements from shops and restaurants.

• In entertainment venues: creating an enhanced customer experience that is consistent with the ambience and atmosphere. 

• In DOOH: with digital out-of-home advertising, advertisers can create attractive, attention grabbing, targeted content.

• Businesses: other businesses such as beauty salons and dental offices use Digital Signage to display content such as news broadcasts, weather updates, and even television programs to help customers who are waiting to receive a service to pass the time.

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