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Understanding human emotion

emotion recognition

Benefits of our Emotion Recognition Software

Learn more about customer experiences.
Create engaging and interactive in-store experiences to maximize customer satisfaction.

Why Sightcorp Emotion Recognition software?

Sightcorp develops patented proprietary AI Software solutions. Through computer vision, deep learning and machine learning, our technology can analyze faces in images, videos, and in real-life environments.

Simple to use

Easy to Integrate

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Emotion Recognition

What is emotion recognition?

Emotion recognition is the detection and analysis of emotional responses of detected faces. Our software can identify 7 basic emotions based on the position and movement of facial muscles. Each analysis produces a confidence score for different types of emotion: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, surprise, sadness, and neutral.

Which emotions can you analyze?

Our software can identify 7 basic emotions: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, surprise, sadness, and neutral state.

How accurate is your emotion recognition?

Our software can detect different facial expressions with 75% accuracy. The overall mood can be estimated with accuracy up to 92%.

Why is emotion recognition important?

An estimation of emotional responses from your audience or customers is essential for optimizing and improving their experiences. The mood levels can be measured throughout the shopping process; before, during and after a purchase. This technology can also be used to measure the reactions of different people exposed to content such as when looking at digital screens.

How can you use Emotion Recognition?

Emotion Recognition has many use cases:

  • Market research: study facial expressions in qualitative testing
  • Digital advertising: measure the emotional response of customers towards your advertising content
  • Online education: improve content based on the emotional response of students

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