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Understanding Human Emotional Responses To Anything

Understanding how target consumers really respond to your global ad campaigns can often prove difficult. However, it is essential for both optimization and growth. Utilizing Sightcorp’s AI-powered emotion recognition software you can easily access granular insights about your viewers sentimental responses and engagement helping you adapt your campaigns according to real-life customer and emotional feedback.

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DeepSight Toolkit ​

Get started quick and easy

  • No need for hard coding
  • Real-time emotion analysis
  • Intuitive interface
  • Ready CMS integration
  • Emotions analyzed; happiness, neutral, fear, surprise, disgust, sadness & anger


Coming soon: Report emotions in mood buckets, positive, negative + neutral 

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DeepSight SDK ​
  • Software Development Kit
  • Build your own solution
  • Written in C++ with additional wrappers C# and Python 
  • Works offline (one-time internet connection)
  • Detect anger, disgust, fear, happiness, surprise, sadness, and neutral expressions
  • No GPU required
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DeepSight Data Studio
  • Cloud-based dashboard
  • Visualize Data Easily & from multiple cameras
  • Ready Reports
  • Report emotions in mood buckets, positive, negative + neutral
  • Automatic scheduling of reports (monthly, weekly, daily)

Emotion Detection Use Cases

emotion recognition face analysis tv technology
Facial Expression Analysis for Campaign A/B Testing

Use emotion detection to pre-evaluate remotely or on site marketing campaigns to ensure that they are receiving the right reaction before launch. Using DeepSight you can distinguish if your ad is evoking the right emotional and engagement responses from viewers and let’s you run tests at scale on different target audiences to ensure that the campaigns with the highest impact are selected.

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Emotion Recognition for Online Admission & Job Interviews

Understand student or job applicants emotions during interviews and measure how they react to questions and how they are truly feeling to better optimize interview structure for future candidates. Measure engagement by using head pose analysis (using pitch and yaw rotation) for further understanding of the candidates interest.

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Emotion Detection for Online Education

Anonymous emotion & demographic detection for online education is a perfect way to assess the online student journey and optimize it where necessary. Assess schools course materials, structure and layout by way of emotional feedback as student’s go through each segment in real-time. Use honest facial responses and engagement levels to establish points of interest or course stumbling blocks and make adaptions.

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Understanding human emotion

emotion recognition

What is Emotion Detection?

Emotion Detection is the process of detecting, analyzing and most importantly understanding human emotional responses in real-life scenarios such as in clinical trials, online education, at home product testing and more.

Most human communication is non-verbal, therefore facial expression analysis is the key to understanding how consumers respond to your product or services. Using DeepSight, you can get to know your customers on an emotional level, by evaluating customer mood in real-time and receiving genuine feedback that allows you to make informed business decisions!

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emotion recognition face analysis tv technology
Remote Product Testing & Real-Time User Experience Insights
Using DeepSight, you can carry out remote pilot testing on adverts, movie trailers, new products and much more with emotion detection technology powered by computer vision and deep learning. Check the viability of your new product or campaign before launching it to the market with participants testing all from the comfort of their homes, saving you time and money on transportation costs!
The Benefits:
How Does Emotion Recognition Work?

Our Emotion recognition software, powered by computer vision technology, works by detecting a face within a live video stream or an image. Once a face has been detected, the software analyzes the position and movement of the facial muscles in order to determine the individuals sentiment. The technology will then output a confidence score for every detected emotion together with a time stamp, making it easy to match the responses to content that has been showed.

Facial Expressions Detected:


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Emotion Recognition FAQ

Emotion recognition is the detection and analysis of emotional responses of detected faces. Our software can identify 7 basic emotions based on the position and movement of facial muscles. Each analysis produces a confidence score for different types of emotion: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, surprise, sadness, and neutral. Unlike facial recognition systems our software is anonymous and fully compliant with all privacy regulations such as GDPR and CPPA.  

An estimation of emotional responses from your audience or customers is essential for optimizing and improving their experiences. The mood levels can be measured throughout the shopping process; before, during and after a purchase. This technology can also be used to measure the reactions of different people exposed to content such as when looking at digital screens.

Yes, human emotions can be easily detected in real-time using face analysis technology. The technology is particularly useful for understanding genuine customer responses in real-world settings such as retail, hospitality, entertainment venues etc. and is carried out using facial expression analysis. Facial expressions are detected using a camera placed in-store, usually at entrances, embedded in digital signage or at a Point of sales. The technology is easy to implement and can be combined with a data visualization platform such as DeepSight Data Studio to view hourly, daily or weekly emotion insights.

Emotion Recognition has many use cases:

  • Market research: study facial expressions in qualitative testing
  • Digital advertising: measure the emotional response of customers towards your advertising content
  • Online education: improve content based on the emotional response of students
  • Healthcare: To assist in analyzing patient sentiment. 

Our software can identify 7 basic emotions through the process of facial expression recognition. These include: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, surprise, sadness, and neutral state. 

Emotion recognition software can be used in online learning for the analysis of the student journey and for course feedback. Using a camera embedded in a laptop, pc, tablet or mobile device, students can be anonymously and non-obtrusively analyzed through the entire online educational journey. No faces are recorded or recognized in the process of facial expression analysis. This is valuable for course administrators as it allows them to understand what areas of the course are engaging, if any areas are too challenging or if any improvements need to be made in the course layout or structure, while also maintaining student privacy. Emotion detection technology provides honest and genuine feedback through natural human emotional responses that happen in real-time making it a reliable data source for sentiment analysis.  Additional to online learning, facial expression analysis can also be used during admission interviews in order to assess the interview process and understand how candidates respond throughout.

At Sightcorp, we have combined the science of psychology, human expressions and artificial intelligence to recognize the emotions expressed on an individual’s face automatically. 

If you are interested in analyzing the emotions of your audience, then you should try our face analysis software: DeepSight. It is available both in Toolkit and SDK formats and can be integrated into various platforms.

Through the integration of in-store emotion AI technology retailers and brands can receive honest feedback on their product offerings, ad campaigns and customer service. If customer’s appear consistently happy at the checkout desk for example this is a good indication that they have had a great in-store experience and that they are likely to return in the future. See how customers are reacting to your products, staff and marketing campaigns to assess store performance.

Analyzing facial expressions of participants in controlled clinical trials is very effective as emotions are a key indicator into how participants are feeling and their true state of mind. By understanding emotions alongside patients verbal communication medical practitioners can get a better sense of how the patient is reacting to treatments to conduct better research. The emotion data can also help in letting medial staff know if someone may need extra attention if they appear to be angry, sad or fearful.

Yes it can. However, the accuracy depends on the facial position to camera.


No. We could potentially train the software on these emotions but it would require additional data. 

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