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Use Cases

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Measure and Analyze Your Audience
Start testing different advertisement angles and ad messages. Identify the age group, gender, emotions of your customers and attention time. Spot any new customer behavior trends. Get to know who your converting customers are.
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Increase Customer Engagement
Analyze your clients and based on the audience insights. Adapt the advertisement messages and content in order to better fit the individual preferences of each client.
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Create Personalized Advertising Messages
Take a use of Sightcorps DeepSight and various supported platforms in order to engage your clients with personalized experiences and individual offers based on a customers’ data profile.

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Understand your audience better than ever

Face analysis

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Our Face Analysis Software

Use our Face Analysis Technology to analyze faces in videos, images & in real-life environments.

Anonymously detect and measure facial expressions like happiness, sadness, disgust, surprise, anger, and fear with our Face Analysis Technology.

Enhance your business with face analysis and start obtaining real-time relevant insights about your customers, potential clients, and other people who are likely to be interested in your business. Through the use of our solution, you will be able to obtain customer data in metrics format, such as demographics, behavior patterns, attention times, emotion analysis, and others. Automate audience analytics and start improving your advertising campaigns and customer experiences.

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Understand and Engage Your Customers

Understanding the habits of your customers can help you to identify possible customers that are engaged with a specific type of product or area of interest.

Face Analysis can help you to analyze the facial gestures of a given target group. You can use the knowledge about your potential and existing customers in order to influence them by engaging with your promo materials or products that are relevant for their demographic and behavioral profile. Relevant ad content is much more effective when compared to general ads in moving the customers along the sales funnel.

By monitoring and tracking consumer behavior, learning about their interests and preferences, you will be capable of delivering the right sales strategy to the right people. In other words, behavioral targeting through face analysis enables you to give customers exactly what they want and where they want.

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How Face Analysis Technology
can be used?

There are many uses of this technology one of which is growing the consumer traffic within the given store. The retail owner who uses face analysis software can start running pilot advertising campaigns to measure the impact of different marketing and merchandising tactics on customer behavior (e.g. product A/B testing). 

Once the business gains an understanding of what kind of products interest people and what kind of advertising messages resonate with businesses core audience, it can furthermore reinforce the key characteristics and benefits of the given product and put it upfront in the advertising campaign, reach more people who are more likely to respond towards the product advertising, eventually resulting in higher volume of customers. 

Creating relevant advertisements and putting them in the right place in the right time can be as important as having a great product, and face analysis can help businesses to achieve this objective.

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Face Analysis Technology

What is Face Analysis?

Our Face analysis technology analyzes the emotional responses of detected faces. It can recognize 7 basic emotions based on the movement and position of facial muscles. The different analysis produces a confidence score for different types of emotion: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, surprise, sadness, and neutral.

Which emotions can we analyze?

Our software can identify 7 basic emotions: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, surprise, sadness, and neutral state.

How does Face Analysis Technology work?

Our estimation of the emotional responses will give your insights to optimize and improve the experience of your audience. We can measure the different mood levels during the shopping processes. This technology is often used to monitor people’s reactions after being exposed to content like looking at digital screens.

How accurate is the Software?

With an accuracy of 75%,  the different facial expressions can be detected. The accuracy of detecting the overall mood is 92%.

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