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Use Cases

Audience Analytics

Use our anonymous face analysis software in order to get to know various characteristics, demographics and behavior patterns of your audience. Measure the effectiveness of your DOOH and digital signage campaigns and track in-store success with footfall metrics.  

In-Store Analytics

By knowing the anonymous profiles of your customers, you can better optimize your product offering and improve customer experiences. Through audience breakdown and footfall counting, you can identify peak times. By using the mood or smile detection classifier, you can understand the customer satisfaction of your clientele. 

Ad Performance Analytics

Transform the way in which you deliver content on your digital signage display using face analysis. Through audience measurement you can custom tailor your advertisements to suit the demographic interests of your viewers. Get performance data for your advertisement campaigns, optimize content, increase viewing times and therefore boost ROI. 

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USe our technology to unveil new insights about your customers

Face Analytics

Get To Know Your Customers Better Than Ever

Understand how your customers experience your brand and products by measuring their attention levels, demographics and emotional engagement. 

Follow the highs and lows of engagement throughout the day, examine viewer metrics and compare time brackets. 

What customer metrics can you measure? 

Why Use Our Face Analysis Technology?

Our state-of-the-art, most affordable Face Analysis technology is 100% deep learning-based and performs best in class in regard to accuracy. It enables our customers to analyze faces across all scenarios with confidence.

Get an all-in-one solution that includes everything you need in order to carry out effective out-of-home advertising campaigns. Gather, analyze and view anonymized data to make data informed decisions.

Additionally, our face analysis system is highly automated, once setup, it will automatically gather data that will be at your disposal in various formats, such as CSV, JSON and more.

Fully Anonymous Solution
Privacy is at the forefront of our development work, and for this reason, we build all our Face Analysis technology with privacy by design which means that all image processing takes place on device (locally) and that the client is the sole controller and owner of the data. Sightcorp does not have direct or remote access to any of the devices running the software. We have also incorporated privacy by default in the form of automatically blurring all faces captured in video streams. 
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CMS Integrations

Increase the effectiveness of your DOOH and digital signage displays by integrating audience analytics with your CMS proof of play data. Analyze viewer metrics in real-time and gain invaluable insights into your audience. 

Our deep learning technology is easily integrable with any CMS platform. However, we can recommend a number of our trusted partners with whom we have already integrated.


Face Analytics

What is Face Analytics?

Face Analytics is the systematic computational analysis of data based on an individual’s face. Face analytics software applications include face detection, facial landmark localization, face attribute prediction, facial emotion recognition, and head pose estimation. The software allows you to analyze faces in images, videos, and real-life environments.

Why is Face Analytics important?

For businesses looking to get a better understanding of their customers, Face Analytics software is the perfect solution. The software allows you to determine the demographic profile of customers, as well as their emotions. The software can be used in various industries including Digital Signage, Retail, and KYC. Brick-and-mortar stores, hotels, airports, and restaurants, for example, are now able to perform real-time analysis of customers and make data-driven decisions that increase ROI.

How does Face Analytics work?

Face analytics software uses algorithms to analyze biometric facial features, to determine if the person in front of the camera is male or female, for example. It can even go as far as to estimate the age of the person, as well as detect and measure facial expressions.

How you can use Face Analytics software?

You can use Face Analytics to boost your customer engagement because an engaged customer is a returning customer. Our software provides you real-time insights into your customer’s demographic profile, interest, and behavior. Get to know who your customers are, optimize your business processes based on customers’ behavior.

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