Protect Individual Privacy

Face BlUR

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Use Cases

machinery work factory
Face Blurring For Industrial Companies

Stream live video footage of daily workplace operations in action, while maintaining staff anonymity. Selectively decide when to turn on or off the face blurring feature. Create real-time video streams for demonstrations or safety and security purposes featuring staff who are confident that their identity is safe.    

security camera
Face Blurring For Security Camera/Video Companies

Create a streamlined security system that monitors all activity using real-time video streams. Safely keep track of all building and location surveillance while making sure individual faces present in the footage are immediately blurred. No facial data will be recorded and the blur feature will remain in place until it is actively turned off by the system operator. 

crowd walking group of people
Privacy in Public or Private Areas Using Face Blur

Ensure public privacy is upheld by applying automatic face blurring technology to live video steams in public or private areas such as train stations, shopping centers or privately owned businesses. Capture the footage you need while being100% GDPR compliant. 

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Protect individual privacy

Face BLur

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How Does Face Blurring Technology Work?

Our Face Blur software works by using deep learning technology to detect faces in any real time video stream or still imagery. Once a face is detected an extra layer covering the face is applied on top, in the form of blurring or pixilation. This process is carried out without affecting the quality of the video itself, as the remaining features and audibility in the video remain clear and unaffected. Additionally, the ability to carry out demographic analysis and people counting also stays the same. 

woman face blur face detection
camera security
Face Blur Product Features

✔ Automatically blur faces

✔ Easily activate/deactivate the face blur feature as required

✔ Make selections on which areas, locations and faces to blur

✔ Redact individual faces or crowds

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The Benefits Of Using Our
Face Blur Technology

✔ Easy to use solution

✔ Customizable settings for all privacy needs

✔ Save the time and effort of manually editing video footage

✔ Save on costs

✔ All face blurring is applied in real-time

✔ Fully compliant with all data privacy legislation and GDPR regulations

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Face Blur Technology

What is Face Blur?

Face Blur is a real-time video anonymizer. It is designed with privacy in mind. You can now easily blur faces to protect the privacy of all people recorded in video systems or in images.

Based on the input we received from our customers and partners, together with our own strong values when it comes to respecting individuals’ privacy, we have decided to add the face blur feature in all of our products.

How does Face Blur work?

For the Face Blur feature to take effect, first, a face (or faces) needs to be detected in a video stream or in a still image(s). Once a face has been detected, similar to how your phone detects your face with a yellow bounding box when taking a selfie, we can then add a layer that blurs or pixelates the detected face(s). This happens in such a way that the person’s face can no longer be seen by the human eye. Our face detector is very strong and can detect faces from any angle and distance.

Can the software blur faces in large crowds?

The face blurring technology is robust therefore it can still accurately blur faces in large crowds. As long as the faces are not completely occluded then the software should apply the blur effect instantaneously. 

Privacy by Default

Start applying privacy by default today with our face blurring solutions. You can still perform all face analysis tasks with the additional capability to prevent others from being able to view video streams or see people’s faces.

Face Blurring is ideal for many different industries that have cameras running for security or analytics purposes and need to provide access to the video streams or share the output with third parties.

With privacy regulations changing all the time around the globe and the recent GDPR that came into effect in the EU, it is recommended to comply with all regulations per default by adding/ integrating face blurring into your services.

How many faces can you blur at once?

There are no limitations on the number of faces that can be blurred at one time. As long as the people are within the frame and are facing the direction of the camera, then the blur effect will be applied.  

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