Detect And Analyze Human Faces

Face Detection

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Use Cases

people walking crowd analytics
People Counting

Count the number of people entering a building, area or space. Keep track of occupancy levels in buildings and identify traffic hotspots for the strategic placement of DOOH displays and advertisements. 

couple face analysis analytics
Face Analysis

Face Detection is the first step in the face analysis process. Use face analysis to anonymously gather audience analytics data, gain consumer insight, and optimize customer experiences.    

face mask detection man
Face Tracking
Track faces in real-time using our face detection software. Detect individual faces or multiple faces in crowds. Track faces even in challenging scenarios such as people on the move or those wearing masks.

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Detect and Analyze Human Faces​

Face Detection

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Real-Time Face Detection for Videos & Images

Using our face detection technology, DeepSight, you can find and detect faces within videos and images in real-time. The process involves deep learning algorithms, which are trained to classify faces present within a frame as positive or negative. All objects present are examined, and only those that match the face criteria are anonymously extracted and used for analysis.

Detect, track and anonymously analyze faces now with our two-    week free trial.

people walking face analysis business
woman face blur face detection
Face Blur For Privacy Protection

DeepSight has been designed with privacy at its core. Having a face blur feature incorporated, it is automatically applied to faces detected in video streams or images and ensures that individual privacy is kept safe. 

Complying with GDPR regulations, our software allows you to carry out your face detection and anonymous analysis with the confidence that you are meeting all the regulations set out by the Government. 

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Detect Faces in Challenging Scenarios

Our face detection technology, DeepSight, has been designed to be as robust and as accurate as possible. With frequent adaptions and updating of the product, we have made sure that it is a solution that is suitable for the real-world as it changes. 

Face Masks: Faces can still be detected regardless of people wearing face masks. The technology can not only detect the faces but can also carry out anonymous face analysis and people counting functions. 

Large Crowds: Crowds can be very unpredictable in the way that people maneuver within them. Even with people walking in different directions and crossing each other’s path, our technology can still detect faces with high levels of accuracy. 

digital signage totem face analysis crowd mall

Face Detection

What is Face Detection?

Face detection is a computer technology that is being used in many different applications that require the detection of human faces in digital images or video. The technology is able to detect frontal or near-frontal faces in a photo or video, regardless of orientation, lighting conditions, or skin color.

Our face detection is a state-of-the-art proprietary technology. The software uses pattern detection technology and therefore there are no images stored and no personal information is collected. The only data that is stored is of an anonymous, aggregate and statistical nature.

How does Face Detection work?

Face detection employs algorithms that decide whether an image is a positive image (face image) or negative image (non-face image) and this is called a classifier. When a human face is detected, the technology will return the coordinate locations of those faces within an image or video with a bounding box.

How can you use Face Detection?

• Count the number of people entering and exiting a mall/ shopping environment.

• Use it as the starting point for any other face analysis task you would want to perform. For example, use it to blur people’s faces by default for privacy reasons. 

• Anonymous audience analytics. 

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