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Use Cases

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By employing anonymous face tracking into stores, retailers can count the number of visitors they have, identify shop hotspots and the amount of time each customer spends in-store. This consumer data can be used to optimize store layout, staffing, product placement and identify areas for business growth.

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With anonymous face tracking universities and colleges can re-open campuses safely. Students and staff accessing a site can be tracked and counted upon entry. As a result, an entrance flow management system can be introduced and occupancy levels monitored.    

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Implementing Anonymous Face Tracking technology into airport terminals can help to spot visitor behaviors by tracking their movement patterns. Combining face tracking with mask detection makes it a perfect solution for safety during COVID-19 and beyond. 

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Face Tracking Technology

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Make Data-Driven Decisions with our Face Tracking Technology

Turn audience insights into actions by leveraging the power of audience behavior metrics. Use our face tracking software to make customer experience more engaging.

Benefit from accurate and real-time insights into your audience’s spontaneous behavior, interests, and demographic profiles with Face Tracking.

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Face Tracking & Face Analysis

Face Tracking is one of the many insightful features of our face analysis product DeepSight. Face tracking makes it possible to:

  • Follow a particular face as it moves within a video stream and understand movement patterns within a specific area
  • Count the number of people in a video frame or live video stream
  • Determine the direction in which a face is looking
  • Track one or multiple faces at a time
  • Recognize facial expressions and perform sentiment analysis for marketing purposes 
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Face Tracking Principles

Privacy Protection: No personally identifiable Information is obtained or stored.

Ease of Integration: Integrate our product seamlessly with our easy-to-use guides & access your data on the edge at any time.

Fast and Accurate: Quick and precise data.

Multi Platform & Device Implementation: Our face tracking technology works both online/offline and is compatible with a whole host of devices and platforms.

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Face Tracking

What is Face Tracking?

Face Tracking is a computer vision technology that detects and locates the presence of a human face in a digital image or video. The technology is anonymous and only discerns a human face by focusing on facial features, providing information about a person’s gender and age bracket. There is no attempt made by the technology to obtain a positive identification of the person in the footage or image.

Why is Face Tracking important?

Face Tracking is important, especially for retailers and advertising agencies, because it can be used as an audience measurement tool. It can help answer questions such as, “How many people saw my advertisement?” and “What are their ages and gender?”. This information can, in turn, be used to optimize marketing efforts for better performance.

What are the uses of Face Tracking?

In retail, face tracking can be used to measure customer traffic, age, and gender. For advertisers using digital signage, it can be used to collect information about the number of viewers, their gender, age group and even attention time. Insights gathered through Face Tracking technology helps businesses to find the best locations for displays, custom-tailor content in real-time and understand audience engagement levels.

How does Face Tracking work?

Face Tracking generally works by comparing selected facial features from an image with faces stored in a database. The geometric method uses algorithms set to identify the size, shape, and relative position of the eyes, nose, cheekbones, and jaw. Another approach is photometric facial tracking where each image has a value dependent on its features. This value allows images to be compared with stored templates.

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