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Audience Measurement for Grassfish

  • Trigger targeted content based on demographic profiles
  • Optimize marketing campaigns with audience insights
  • Track advertising performance across different screen locations

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Create smart digital signage applications with AI-powered face analysis

Everything you need to get started with audience measurement for DOOH

DeepSight Toolkit Features:

  • People Count
  • Impression Count
  • Viewer Count
  • Age & Gender
  • Mood
  • Attention time
  • Dwell Time
  • Privacy by Default (face blur)

Grassfish Xperience Hub Features:

  • Web-based management platform
  • Flexible drag & drop designer
  • HTML Wizard Composer
  • Action-based content triggers
  • High scalability
  • Connection to BI, ERP and CRM systems
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Integrated hardware & software

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What you will need:

-Intel NUC (i3, i5, i7)
-USB / IP Camera
-Deepsight Toolkit
-Grassfish Xperience Hub

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About Grassfish

Who is Grassfish?

Grassfish is an award winning CMS platform that makes digital signage management easy and convenient. The operators are able to move any files with a blink of an eye, drag and drop folders and manage the whole digital signage campaign by setting your personal rules. The platform is highly automated, where fascinating permission system with comprehensive monitoring and reports completes the overall software package for digital signage operators.

Sightcorp Integration with Grassfish

Through the use of Grassfish CMS system, make a store visit into a unique experience for every client. The CMS system facilitates the process of building an intelligent and responsive systems, that focus on maximizing customer experience with engagement, simultaneously connecting all store peripherals and various customer touch points into one complete digital signage system. Grassfish is able to provide the operators with real-time insights about the target audience and their behaviour. The Grassfish system can manage, monitor and link all kinds of digital devices, from sensors and screens to interactive kiosks, POS, tables and queueing systems.

What about privacy?

Privacy is at the forefront of our development work, and for this reason, all our Face Analysis Technology comes with privacy by default in the form of automatically blurring all faces captured in video streams. We’ve also incorporated privacy by design by ensuring that image processing takes place on device (locally) and that the client is the sole controller and owner of the data. Sightcorp does not have direct or remote access to any of the devices running the software.

Sightcorp Integration with Grassfish

We aim to deliver outstanding customer service as a company and focus on every individual need of each client. Sightcorps objective is to manufacture user friendly software systems and to make the user experience of our clients as pleasant as possible. We transform computer vision and deep learning research into commercial solutions that give our customers accurate, real and actionable insights into their audiences.

The partnership consists of

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Technical Specifications

The table below shows how FaceMatch SDK performs on the Labelled Faces in the Wild (LFW) dataset:

FPRTPRThreshold (Inverse of distance)
0.10.99900 ±0.002130.55448
0.010.99667 ±0.005370.59791
0.0010.99367 ±0.006050.62989

FPR = False Positive Rate
TPR = True Positive Rate

These results are an indication only and are based on the specific dataset Labelled Faces in the Wild. Customers can expect similar performance, with possible variations due to hardware and the availability of annotated data.