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Create Smart Digital Signage Applications with AI-Powered Face Analysis

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DeepSight Toolkit Features:
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Grassfish Xperience Hub Features:
  • Web-based Management Platform
  • Flexible Drag & Drop Designer
  • HTML Wizard Composer
  • Action-based Content Triggers
  • Perfect for Large Scale Roll Outs
  • Connection to BI, ERP and CRM Systems
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Integrated Hardware & Software
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Sightcorp's Integration With Grassfish

The integration of our DeepSight Toolkit with Grassfish CMS allows retailers and companies active in signage to build intelligent and responsive systems that focus on maximizing customer experience and making every store visit unique. 

The joint solution is designed for collecting real-time insights into target audiences and for tracking their behavior. This complete digital signage system also has triggering functionalities which can change and adjust content to fit shopper profiles.

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See How It Works And What You Will Need:
  • Intel NUC (i3, i5, i7)
  • USB / IP Camera
  • Deepsight Toolkit
  • Grassfish Xperience Hub
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Visualize All Your Data In One Central Location

Having a central point for data reporting is a key aspect of retail analytics. The Grassfish Dashboard provides a comprehensive information tool for the shop owner by connecting to all in-store devices and sensors providing real-time data for analytics and business intelligence. 

Most analytics products are built independently, so retailers have to manage several systems in parallel to count and track their shoppers accurately and then combine this data with their sales figures. With the Grassfish Xperience Platform all information from all systems can be easily combined and stored in one place to measure the effect of in-store promotions, compare to historical data and to provide an enhanced level of intelligence that supports the daily as well as the long-term strategy of the retail store. 

Ready To Use Solution

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Smart Vending with Face Mask Detection

The smart vending solution, designed for large corporate spaces is perfect for office safety and convenience!

The solution from Grassfish, uses our anonymous face mask detection software to assess if employees, using or passing by the machine, are wearing face masks. Anyone detected without a mask is kindly prompted to purchase one via a large digital screen embedded in the vending machine.

The vending machine also supplies essential office stationery and IT equipment which is available for staff collection 24/7. 

Transform your standard office vending machine now! 

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Who Is Grassfish?

Grassfish makes it easier for retailers to build intelligent, responsive environments that maximize customer engagement and value, connecting all store and customer touch-points and providing real-time insights to influence the shopper journey. Their mission is to provide retailers with the right tools to put them at the forefront of digital retail transformation, boosting their brands and enabling them to create extraordinary customer experiences.  

The Grassfish Intelligent Connected Store has a single Content Management System at its heart. Their open platform can manage, link and monitor all types of digital devices – sensors, screens, interactive kiosks, POS, queuing systems, tablets and wearables – and provide real-time reporting and insights that optimize each store’s operations.

About Grassfish

History of Grassfish

The history of the business started back in 2005, when the digital signage software developing company, Grassfish, was founded in Vienna, Austria. The first major step for the company happened In 2006 when it entered the German market. Since then Grassfish has been growing rapidly and in 2010 began to expand internationally. 

Grassfish CMS

With Grassfish digital signage software, you can deliver captivating, customizable and targeted advertising messaging for customers, in real-time. Grassfish CMS system enables real-time data about audiences and their behaviors to be examined, while at the same time maximizing customer engagement. The CMS is user friendly and the content can be easily dragged & dropped in the content folders or playlists. The system includes monitoring and reporting functions in the package.

What about privacy?

Privacy is at the forefront of our development work, and for this reason, all our Face Analysis Technology comes with privacy by default in the form of automatically blurring all faces captured in video streams. We’ve also incorporated privacy by design by ensuring that image processing takes place on device (locally) and that the client is the sole controller and owner of the data. Sightcorp does not have direct or remote access to any of the devices running the software.

Face Analysis & Content Management Systems

Combing our face analysis technology with a CMS enables large quantities of customer metrics to be examined, removing the laborious task of trying to gather and examine statistical information manually. Speed up data collection while maintaining high levels of accuracy, gain insights that will help your business flourish, and enable goals to be reached more quickly. Control and change which metrics you would like to examine and fine-tune the process to suit your needs. 

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