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DOOH & Digital Signage

Switch ads based on programmatic big data or deploy one-on-one targeted ads and boost your ROI.

Audience Analytics
Create engaging digital signage experiences with automated data collection and targeted content delivery.
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Improve customers’ journey analyzing their demographics, mood and behavioral patterns to make informed business decisions.

Optimize your business through anonymous customer analysis. Utilize AI data to create engaging customer experiences.   
Add an extra layer of security to your surveillance operations with face blurring technology. Redact faces instantly and accurately ensuring full GDPR compliance.  
Captivate Your Audience - DOOH & Digital Signage

Create custom and tailored Ads that get noticed with the implementation of our anonymous face analysis to your digital signage displays. Detect passers by, gain accurate demographic information and attention data and use this deploy targeted content that will engage the viewer from beginning to end. Reach your advertising potential now and start boosting your ROI.

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Accurate, Automated & Actionable -Audience Analytics

Understanding your audience has never been so easy! Using our leading face analysis technology, you can automatically collect anonymous viewer data without having to intervene. Leverage this AI data to make impactful decisions about Ad creativity, selection and presentation and ensure your audience is always captivated by what they see.

Measurable Metrics:

Supporting Hospitality Excellence

Use our state-of-the-art face analysis technology to take your hospitality services to the next level and elevate customer experiences and satisfaction. With our technology you can:

  • Gain important customer feedback through mood detection.
  • Create a safe space by implementing occupancy management and face mask detection solutions.
  • Measure your employee and businesses performance all with one simple technology.
AI Powered Retail Analytics

Transform your Retail outlet with face analysis technology and anonymous analytics. Discover what you can do:

  • Optimize Marketing Strategies
  • Improve Product Placement
  • Prevent queues with footfall tracking
  • Keep track of visitor volume and demographic trends
  • Manage and Monitor Occupancy levels
  • Better organize staff allocation and placement
  • Communicate Covid safety messaging and policies in store using digital screens
  • Introduce self service age verification services
Privacy Proof Your Surveillance Systems

Make your surveillance operations compliant with automatic face redaction in live video streams or post processing. With our face blurring technology you can:

  • Redact the faces of groups of people or individuals.
  • Create live video streams or workplace demonstrations while protecting the privacy of your employees.
  • Maintain uncompromised video quality during redaction.
  • Operate Offline

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What Can You Measure?

Demographic Analysis

Detect the age and gender of customers in real-time. Tailor content, products and experiences based on the profiles of your customers.

People Counting

Count the number of people entering your business and start collecting actionable data insights.  

Attention Analysis

Understand your customers’ behavior by analyzing head movements and attention times.

Mood Detection

Optimize campaigns and customer experiences by leveraging mood behavior data. 

Face Mask Detection

Verify face mask compliancy with fast and accurate technology designed to detect any variation of mask.

Face Blur

Redact faces in live video streams to ensure complete privacy protection and GDPR compliance at all times.

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