Create Interactive Digital Signage Experiences & Measure There Performance

Audience ANALYTICS FOR Intuiface

Everything you need to run data-driven and engaging experiences packaged in an easy-to-use bundle

DeepSight Toolkit Features:
  • People Count
  • Impression Count
  • Viewer Count
  • Age & Gender
  • Mood
  • Attention time
  • Dwell Time
  • Privacy by Default (face blur)
Intuiface Features
  • Absolutely no coding required
  • Target any screen size
  • Interact with touch, RFID/NFC, IoT, Web APIs
  • Deploy & manage globally
  • Use triggers and actions to create when/then scenarios
  • Collect and visualize data using Intuiface Analytics
  • Runs on Windows, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, webOS Signage, Samsung TIZEN, BrightSign

Solutions for Every Use Case

Quick Service Restaurants
Digital Signage/Video Walls
Social Safety Signage
Shopping Mall Wayfinding
Waiting Rooms
Multi-Mode Interaction
Play Video
Sightcorp's Integration with Intuiface

The integration of DeepSight Toolkit with Intuiface can be used for collecting performance data around experiences and also programmatic/dynamic scheduling of ads. 

DeepSight collects information about people count, age, gender, attention time, dwell time, mood and more. All of these metrics are fed to Intuiface’s platform which can be used to create interactive experiences for audiences.

All Your Data in One Place

Programmatic scheduling with Intuiface

The sample experience shipped with this integration (available on Marketplace) can be used for dynamic changing of ads based on audience data. For instance, if a user wants to change the content on a digital screen every 5 minutes, they can use the audience composition data generated by DeepSight to decide what type of content should be served next. 

Users create their own triggers to optimize and target their content based on demographic data (e.g. if more than 50% of the audience is male, serve a male oriented ad) and other environmental data directly collected by Intuiface (such as weather or location).

Who is Intuiface?

In 2011, Intuiface dedicated itself to the creation of technology that would make interactivity accessible to the masses and not only to individuals that were able to interpret hard lines of code. Since that time, and at the impressive delivery of four major releases per year, Intuiface has become a leading, globally recognized company known for creating gratifying, meaningful and measurable interactive experiences that are easy to use and accessible. 

History of Intuiface

The company history starts back in 2011 when Intuiface dedicated itself to the creation of technology that would make digital world technologies accessible to the masses and not only to individuals that were able to interpret hardlines of code. The company has achieved this goal by releasing a software platform with those core principles in mind. Intuiface has become a globally recognized company that specializes in solutions that create meaningful, effective, and measurable interactive experiences, with no need for programming expertise. Since then, the company has been working hard and has been launching four major releases per year.

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