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AI in Advertising Analysis

What is the role of AI in Advertising Analysis?

The merging of AI with advertising has enabled marketers to transform their traditional ads into optimized, targeted, and revenue-enhancing visuals. Al makes advert analysis simpler, allowing marketers to find patterns, draw conclusions, and act in real-time in real situations. These computer vision tools have dramatically changed how advertising analysis is being carried out, providing time-saving solutions in the obtaining and analyzing of customer-centered data that would normally take humans weeks to manually collect and compute.

In the context of digital signage:

When advertisers make use of digital signage, AI can provide insightful data that can be used to analyze ad performance and to adjust advertising campaigns in real time. Now you’re probably wondering, “How does this work?” Here is a quick explanation:

  • The area surrounding a digital advertising display is monitored by a camera.
  • The camera captures images/video of people while they are viewing the display.
  • The camera is connected to a computer running AI-powered face analysis software.
  • The face analysis software analyzes the video stream in real time and provides insights in form of anonymous data.
  • This audience data can be integrated with a CMS to enable real-time content triggering based on the type of audience standing in front of the digital display.

In the context of programmatic advertising:

When advertisers run programmatic advertising campaigns, they often benefit from AI algorithms that conduct real-time audience analysis and help to ensure that relevant ads are shown to relevant users at the right place and at the right time. The technology also helps publishers prove the value of their networks to media buyers and build trust through the delivery of timely and transparent impression data. 

What insights can AI provide in Advertising Analysis?

In order to get ahead of competition in a technology driven era, many businesses are using AI to complement their digital signage campaigns and gather invaluable customer insights. Insights that would not be possible to collect and understand without the assistance of AI. Below is an extensive list of all the useful information that can be collected and interpreted by AI systems for advertising benefits:

  • Count how many people view your ad (viewers)
  • Count how many people walked by your ad (opportunity to see)
  • Determine the age and gender of the people viewing your ad
  • Determine the times at which your ad is being viewed
  • Determine whether your ad is being viewed more than once by the same person (anonymously)
  • See how long, on average, people spend looking at your ad
  • Discover the emotional responses that people have towards your ad
  • Make real-time decisions about what ad you want to show on your display

10 Benefits of using Artificial Intelligence for Audience Analytics vs Human Analysis 

  • AI is faster than human analysis. 
  • AI is less prone to error than humans.  
  • AI is efficient – unlike humans, no recovery period is necessary. 
  • AI produces relevant content – learning quickly from the data it has gathered. 
  • AI boosts user experience – easy to use, time-saving software makes user tasks less laborious.  
  • AI can analyze data at scale that otherwise would take humans weeks to interpret themselves.   
  • AI provides real-time data insights – all data is collected and updated at the time. 
  • AI is a great budget enhancing tool – marketing budgets are massively relieved as time strenuous tasks no longer need to be carried out manually by humans.    
  • AI allows advertising deployers to do more with the resources they already have.  
  • AI offers personalized experiences – intelligently identifying and segmenting audiences to ensure that ads are tailored to each viewer. 

AI Audience Analytics and Privacy 

The privacy of the public is of upmost importance when conducting audience analytics, especially to be in line with the various privacy regulations that are in place across the world such as GDPR, CCPA and others. Audience analysis can be carried out anonymously as images are encrypted and stored in a number format, meaning Individual identities are never revealed, just the raw data pertaining to demographics and viewing behaviors is aggregated and stored. 

For a closer look at what can be achieved by using audience analytics software and the impact it can have on your digital advertising campaigns have a look at our technology.