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Facial Expression Recognition Software

Facial Expression Recognition – what is it, and why is it important?

Facial Expression Recognition Software is a technology which allows companies and public organizations to detect the emotions of people passing by their cameras. This contrasts with pure Facial Recognition, which detects an individual’s identity, or Face Detection, which picks faces out of background images. Developing Facial Expression Recognition Software tends to be a more complex challenge, resulting in some of the most advanced image analysis tools available.


How does Facial Expression Recognition software work?

Our faces may be very different, but they have certain similarities which can be detected and analyzed with the correct software. When we smile or frown, this is a fairly universal gesture and can be easily detected. But more advanced software can go further. By plotting the features of subjects and comparing them to a vast library of template images, Facial Expression Detection Software can determine whether they are feeling expressions such as happiness, sadness, frustration, or fear.


What can Facial Expression Recognition software be used for?

There are plenty of important applications of Facial Expression Detection Software. Some of the most common applications have come in the marketing sector. By tracking the expressions of survey participants, and comparing them with verbal responses, researchers have been able to gain much deeper insights into purchasing behavior. The same techniques have helped to enrich academic studies of mental health and general psychology, as well as education.

There are other emerging applications of Facial Expression Recognition Software. For instance, security systems may incorporate the technology into CCTV systems, enabling surveillance organizations to track potential threats. It is also being utilized in the food testing industry, where facial responses can often be much more revealing than verbal assessments of taste and texture.


Why is Facial Expression Recognition software important?

Above all else, Facial Expression Recognition Software allows us to detect aspects of human behavior that have previously been inaccessible. The way we show emotion is a language that traditional research techniques have struggled to analyze, but Facial Recognition Software puts this within our grasp. Advanced software can convert facial expressions into hard data, which can be used to drive the marketing efforts of entire companies.

Healthcare programs can be tailored to meet the needs of participants, especially for patients who cannot verbalize in conventional ways. For example, children who cannot yet express their opinions may do so via facial expressions, while some conditions also prevent adults from communicating via words. In this case, Facial Expression Detection Software could provide a way for them to speak that has never before existed.

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