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Market Research

  • Predict Consumers’ Choices And Preferences
  • Understand What Attracts Consumers
  • Serve Your Customers With More Complete Reports
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Looking for plug & play?
  • Cross-platform
  • No need for hard coding
  • Detect multiple people
  • Interactive interface
  • Connection to Toolkit Visualizer
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Want to build your own solution?
  • C++ expertise needed
  • Track multiple people at the same time
  • Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android supported
  • Works offline (one-time internet connection)
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Want to build your own solution based on deep learning?
  • 100% deep learning-based technology
  • Attention time and smile detection
  • Real-time analysis
  • C++ expertise needed
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Estimate Your Customers Mood

Reduce costs on Research, Advertising and Marketing campaigns by implementing our audience Mood Estimation technology. Higher brand success is translated into a more engaging experience for your customers, and in order to achieve it understanding human level of satisfaction is fundamental.

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Perform efficient Audience Analytics

Perform a complete Audience Analysis with our DeepSight software. Gather comprehensive and objective feedback about people’s behavior and interests by acquiring individuals’ real-time data of age and gender. Define your target market and optimize efficiently your advertising content.

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Improve Your Research With Unparalleled Customer Analytics

The majority of human thoughts come from the subconscious level which makes it difficult for traditional market research techniques such as questionnaires to gather complete and objective feedback about people’s behavior and interests. Such ambiguities come at a great financial cost, with companies spending millions on Research, Advertising and Marketing campaigns every year.

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DOOH & Digital Signage

Determine which advertising content is best to be displayed in real time by implementing passers-by Face Analysis in digital signage. Create predictive data-driven campaigns, triggered in a specific contextual environment based on the audience’s demographics, mood, and engagement.

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In-Store Customer Tracking

By tracking in-store consumers, you gather valuable insights about occupancy, their shopping behavior, and engagement rate. With collected data you can optimize your product offering and arrangement in the store. Foster customer retention in you shop now by discovering purchasers’ preferences.

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Advertisement Testing

By implementing mood estimation in advertisement testing, you can gauge consumers’ reaction to multimedia content of your ad. The generated data of target consumers response works as a benchmark for further ad adjustments.

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Consumer Behavior Made Easy!

By using a simple webcam, you are able to track and measure consumers’ unbiased behavior responses and interests in different real-life scenarios, in a totally automated and non-intrusive way.

By parsing in-store customers flow, our software helps you to understand:

  • The demographics of your consumers
  • The rush hours of the day
  • If the in-store product disposition allows customers an easy and fluid shopping experience
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DOOH: Serve Personalized Ads to Any Person Looking at the Screen

Enhance your advertising campaign effectiveness by complementing it with DOOH. With the inclusion of AI in market research, in particular Face Analysis technology, you can utilize DOOH advertising and gather different kind of data, such as:

  • Passers-by reactions to your ad, their demographics, dwell time and mood
  • Instead of showing your ad to millions of people, you can target it to the right person at the right time
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Applicable Products

Sightcorp currently offers two products that carry out Face Analysis:

  • DeepSight SDK  
  • DeepSight Toolkit 


DeepSight Toolkit is an easy-to-use cross-platform solution that enables you to detect and analyze multiple faces using just one application. The software is the deep learning-based successor to CrowdSight Toolkit, which gives you accurate insights into the behavior of your audience in real-world environments. No hard coding is required, which means that anyone can install and use the software within minutes.

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Software Features
  • Ready to use – no development needed
  • Detect and analyze people’s age & gender and more for DOOH & retail insights
  • Easy to use aggregated data output
  • Ready integrations with CMSs
  • Face Mask Detection for C19 prevention

Market Research

How to conduct Market Research?

A good market research plan indicates who and where your customers are. Besides this, it will also tell you when they are most likely and willing to purchase your products or use your services. When you conduct marketing research, you can use the results either to create a marketing and business plan or to measure the success of your current plan. That’s why it’s important to ask the right questions, to the right people. Research, done poorly, can steer you in the wrong direction.

What if you could understand and predict consumers’ choices and preferences?

Once you have created smarter in-store experiences, the customers’ satisfaction and engagement will increase exponentially.

Gathering data about customer shopping behavior and utilizing it to swiftly adapt to their preferences and requirements will ensure stronger customer retention.

What are the Market Research questions you need to answers to?

• Who is currently buying my products and services?

• What is my customers’ age?

• What is my customers’ gender?

• Who is not currently buying from me?

• How and where do my customers like to make purchases?

• What are the right messages to convey to my target audience?

• How is my brand perceived by my target market?


What is the importance of Market Research?

Without the research, your ideal customer avatar is portrayed too superficially. To acquire their loyalty, you must center your business on your audience. In fact, market research helps you to:

• Keep you focused and competitive

• Pursue growth opportunities

• Maintain future-oriented mindset

• Improve your decision-making capabilities

• Reduce risks

What are the benefits of Market Research?

First of all, having the full knowledge concerning a specific market, gives you a better understanding of your target audience, you are able to spot emerging trends and therefore stay ahead of your competitors.

Possessing the audience data provides the base for the creation of the most efficient and lower-risk marketing strategy.  


Yes. DeepSight Toolkit can analyze multiple faces at once. There is no maximum limit of faces detected in one frame but the performance of multi-face analysis depends on the power of the processor (e.g. the more people to analyze the more powerful processor is needed).

Yes, of course! We offer a 2-week free trial testing period for almost all of our products. You can request it via a form on each product page on our website.

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning, which, in turn, is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI). When it comes to facial recognition, deep learning enables us to achieve greater accuracy than traditional machine learning methods

In the context of digital signage and programmatic advertising, attention time refers to a period of time captured while a person is looking at a digital billboard or sign. This can also be transferred into the context of a store, where retailers can assess how long individuals spend looking at various products. The feature is adaptable and flexible, making it a convenient product for any use case. 

DeepSight with face mask detection is running locally on the edge device and all data is processed and stored on the same device by default. The software does not store any personal data, only information about face masks.

Yes. Sightcorp developed DeepSight Toolkit – ready-to-use Face Analysis software. Using DeepSight Toolkit, you gain accurate insights into your audiences in real-world environments, that is to say what are their demographics, behavior patterns, interests and more.

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