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Mood Estimation

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Mood Data
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Use Cases

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Online Education

Understand how your students are feeling and gain insight into whether online study materials are engaging via the implementation of mood detection. Utilize the anonymous mood data to make adaptions to learning materials and resources and facilitate the online learning journey. 

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DOOH & Digital Signage

Understand how your digital ad campaigns are being received by anonymously analyzing audience mood. The mood data ranges from neutral to very happy, which can be a strong indicator as to whether the content is enjoyable and engaging or if it may need improvement. 

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In-store Market Research

Optimize your business in a way that makes your customers feel happy. Adapt your premises, advertising strategy, or product offering based on direct customer feedback in the form of mood analysis. Implementation is recommended around payment areas, advertisement kiosks, and product bays. 

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Mood estimation

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What Is Mood Estimation?

Mood estimation is a process that is carried out using deep learning technology to examine the sentiment of a human face.

Our mood analysis technology, DeepSight, estimates mood on the basis of detecting a smile. The smile is represented in a value of between 0-100 and this metric allows you to define a person’s mood as neutral, happy, or very happy. 

Understand human emotional responses and explore the intricacies of human experiences using our anonymous mood estimation software. 

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Customer Satisfaction Index

Mood analysis is one of the most purposeful and authentic metrics you can capture as it displays genuine reactions to products, places, or experiences as they happen in real-time. A smile is used as an indicator of customer satisfaction or ad effectiveness and is measured on a smile intensity scale. 

No reaction: If the consumer does not generate any behavioral reaction, it will be recorded as a neutral expression, and this will indicate that there may be room for improvements in order to make experiences more engaging. 

Start using mood estimation now & give your customers something to smile about!

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Mood Analysis Technology

Privacy by design: Our mood analysis technology has been designed with privacy at its core and with face blurring technology built in making it completely GDPR compliant. 

Accuracy: The mood estimator presents the most accurate data, accompanied by a smile confidence score for extra validation.  

Fast and robust data metrics: Mood estimation is automated and is carried out in real-time. It is capturable in challenging scenarios and changing lighting conditions, making it extra robust.   

Easy to use: Our software has been designed so that it is user-friendly and convenient. It requires no technical expertise to operate and needs a one time internet connection to operate. 

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Mood Estimation

What is Smile Detection?

Smile detection is a process of identifying a smile on a person’s face. The process of smile detection can be described as relatively straightforward. The software first detects the individual’s face with the help of a face detection algorithm and then analyzes the different features of the face (in this case the mouth) in terms of their position.

To be more specific, the software uses an algorithm trained on thousands of images of smiling faces to determine if the face currently at hand is smiling or not. Afterward, the software outputs a value corresponding to the level of a smile (on a scale from 0 to 100).

More pronounced smiles will receive a higher value, while neutral looking faces will receive a lower value. With this data, our clients can create their own mood categories and buckets based on their specific requirements.

Which software has Mood Detection?

At Sightcorp, we have combined the science of psychology, human expressions and artificial intelligence to recognize mood on an individual’s face automatically. 

If you are interested in analyzing the mood of your audience, then you should try our latest software: DeepSight. It is available both in SDK and Toolkit formats and can be installed or integrated into various platforms.

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