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Occupancy monitoring system

The Long-Term Value of Occupancy Tracking

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Monitor foot traffic and optimize store performance

Real-time occupancy can give you insights into the high, mid and low peak hours of your store. Use this data to optimize your staff allocation and scheduling.

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Track the performance of your digital ads

Measure the ROI of your digital campaigns by counting the number of impression and viewers and collecting their demographic data.

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Improve customer experience

A happy customer is a returning customer. Occupancy data gives you the opportunity to optimize your store layout and adapt it to the changing flow rates.

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Smart Occupancy Management

With our occupancy management solution you can anonymously detect and count the number of visitors entering and exiting, track their movement through the store and dwell time in each zone, all using a simple 3D sensor. Combine this with a 2D camera placed at the entrance to detect individuals with and without a face mask.

Together with a digital screen showing the real-time occupancy with Stop/Go messaging and an easy-to-use iOS/Android app for store managers, this solution addresses all pain points of Retail entrance flow management. It’s also a great tool to use post-COVID to get deep insights into the traffic trends, visitor profiles and staff efficiency.

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Fast & Easy Install Configuration Service Include
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High Accuracy
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Privacy Protection
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Built for Scalable Deployments
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How Does Our Occupancy Monitoring Software Work?

Our DeepSight software is an AI based technology, able to detect and count people. In order to activate the Occupancy Monitoring software, here are simple steps to follow:

  1. Install a sensor above the entrance/ exit
  2. Place a digital screen next to the entrance
  3. Place a camera on top of the screen
  4. Enable mask detection as needed
  5. Use automated dynamic messaging
  6. Display digital ads when screen is idle
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All You Ever Need For Ocupancy Management

  • Real-time analysis
  • 99% accurate people counting
  • Spoof proof face mask detection
  • Monitor multiple entrances and exits
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Anonymous analysis
  • Affordable and scalable solution

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Use Cases

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Retail and Supermarkets
Automate access control and limit the number of customers within a store with our sensors ensuring your in-store visitors and employees the safest conditions. Ideally designed with the purpose to work in stores with single or multiple entrances. 
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Corporate Offices
Access to workplaces and buildings has changed since the spread of COVID-19, thus people counting technology combined with becomes a great tool for keeping everyone safe once they start coming back to the shared office spaces. 
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Airports and the aviation business need to reassure travelers that safety regulations are implemented and followed to make sure their travel is as safe as possible. With mask detection technology, individuals without a facemask are easily identified and notified, allowing safety measures to be respected.
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Restaurants, Bars and Clubs
With nightlife and restaurants reopening it is crucial to follow guidelines set by the government and informing customers of the precautionary safety measures taken, the number of customers indoors and facemask requirements. 


“We are using and heavily promoting Sightcorp’s Toolkit because of its stability, accuracy and very easy installation and hardware configuration. The real-time aggregated data is immediately accessible through the reporting dashboard, which enables us to scale with ease.”

─ S. Ahmedov, CEO OmniChannel

Occupancy Monitoring System

What is a Smart Store Traffic Light System?
Our Smart Store Traffic Light System is a solution created in response of COVID-19 requirements, that combines deep learning technology, face detection algorithms, IP or CCTV systems, and digital signage offering seamless support for retail businesses. Our innovative technology works by anonymously counting the number of people entering a building. An alert is displayed via digital screen in a traffic light ‘stop and go’ ‘red and green’ format as soon as the indoor space capacity has been reached. As an additional feature setting, DeepSight software can also simultaneously detect if an individual is wearing a mask upon arrival in the store (depending on store location and local policies). Again, indicating on the screen whether it is ok to enter the premises. This real-time, up-to-date information ensures effective store updates, communication, and message transparency for its customers.
What is Thermal Detection?

Thermal detection or imaging is the action of converting infrared radiation, also known as heat radiation, into visible images that depict the distribution of temperatures in an area viewed by a thermal camera. Using AI technologies, such as deep learning, computer vision and face detection algorithms, alongside cameras, elevated facial temperatures can be detected in members of the public in order to highlight potentially sick or Infectious individuals.  The technology is being implemented in places such as hospitals, college campuses and Airports as part of the access control process.

Occupancy Counting and Privacy
Our Face analysis system counts people in completely anonymous way and the output data is transmitted and stored in an encrypted format (zeros and ones), to ensure that data privacy rights are always upheld and in line with GDPR regulations. Our software has been created by our team of in-house software engineers where products are built with privacy by design.
How does Occupancy Counting work?
Occupancy counting works by using sensors and computer vision technologies together to accurately count footfall entering and exiting a building. These sensors capture occupancy data in real time and display this data through clear visual warnings on digital screens. Digital displays are normally placed at the entrance of a building, once occupancy limits are reached, visitor are notified immediately. Alternatively, a text message or email alert can be sent to building security or administrator to make them aware of people entering without authorization. The technology is plug-and-play and can be rapidly deployed, meaning a safe environment for all with no delays or time-consuming installations. Our occupancy counting system is non-invasive and anonymous, ensuring respect of privacy regulations at all times.
Thermal Detection Camera

Using a combination of deep learning machines and forward-looking infrared cameras (FLIR) an optimized public screening system can be set up. The specialized cameras have thermal and visible sensors that allow for elevated temperatures to be picked up in public areas. Using AI this can then be recognized and communicated back to the public in the form of an alert. If someone is detected to have a temperature, an alert can be sounded using an actual alarm, flashing light, or messaging format to make the individual themselves or a member security aware. This temperature screening system is especially useful in Airports in helping to manage and minimize the risks associated with the global pandemic.


Our occupancy monitoring system can be implemented and installed in any type of building to keep track of footfall and capacity limits.The product is easily integrated and discrete, which therefore makes it practical for any setting. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, our team has designed our crowd analysis system around buildings reopening safely and responsibly with privacy at the forefront of our product design.

No. Our product has been designed with ease of integration in mind, meaning that it is simple to install with no in-depth technical knowledge required to operate it. The product also comes with easy to follow instructions which acts as a useful reference guide.

No. Information pertaining to individual identity is never gathered or stored. Instead, data is collected anonymously and in an encrypted format.

No. The occupancy monitoring system has been designed only to capture footfall inside of the building.

Occupancy counting has long-term benefits that will extend past its use as a safety tool during covid-19. Footfall monitoring provides useful insights into how spaces are being used and help to potentially reduce unnecessary rental costs. Additionally, crowd analysis software can be used to identify peak hours for retail businesses, helping them to create better staffing plans in accordance with peak hours and shop demands.

The design of your building comes into play when it comes to selecting where the best place is to position your digital screens. In most cases, building entrances seem to be the prime location as they can accurately monitor traffic coming into the building and ensures that people can clearly see occupancy updates as they approach and don’t know if it is ok to enter.

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