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Interested In Becoming a Partner?

At Sightcorp we believe in solid, long-term business relationships based on trust and commitment. We are seeking strategic partnerships with qualified companies that are looking to grow and innovate their business.

Please, send an email to to learn more about the opportunities to join our partnership network.

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Interested In Becoming a Reseller?

Sightcorp is steadily building successful business relationships with leading companies worldwide. Our Face Analysis Technology is currently used in a number of applications helping our clients and partners launch innovative products and services in their market verticals.

Become part of a community designed for partners to succeed as resellers of innovative and reliable Face Analysis Technology.

Find out about the benefits of joining us by emailing at with your idea and vision. We will be glad to discuss with you how your business can benefit from our technologies.

Our Partners Network

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Discover Sightcorp’s Software Solutions for Retail. Get to know what advertising strategy works and discover how to boost your revenue.

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Market Research

Analyze your customers, discover various consumer insights and gather market data for an optimized customer experience.

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Creative Industries
Implement Sightcorp’s technology into your creative business idea. Our face analysis solution is easy to use and can integrate with many applications to help bring your ideas to life.
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Smart Environments & Airports

Get to know how our software can be used to create smart environments. Streamline airport operations with people counting for occupancy and queue management. Also, ensure safety with our mask detection solution.

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Digital Signage

Incorporate face analysis into your digital signage and gain real-time audience insights such as demographic data and viewer metrics. Creating personalized and targeted experiences that get your digital ads noticed.

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Surveillance & Monitoring

Utilize anonymous face analysis to carry out surveillance operations with confidence that your systems are 100% GDPR compliant. Redact faces in live video streams automatically without affecting video quality.  


We’re excited to be able to add the unique mood measurement and face analysis solutions from Sightcorp to our existing solution portfolio as we get major interest for this functionality from several of our key clients.

– Michael Tan, CEO at Scarabee

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Contact us and get to know how you can start working with us to conquer new heights with AI technologies!