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Our products offer analytics and
verification solutions focused on the following:

  • Face Detection and People Counting
  • Demographic and Emotion Recognition
  • Face Recognition/Verification

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DeepSight Toolkit

Looking for plug & play?
DeepSight Toolkit is a simple cross-platform plug and play solution that enables you to detect and analyze multiple faces using just one application!

  • Real-time analysis
  • Interactive interface
  • No hardcoding needed
  • CSV export & Connection to Toolkit Visualizer
  • Push and Pull Mechanism
  • Integrate with CMS

Industry matches:
Retail & Digital Signage

DeepSight SDK

Want to build your own solution?
The DeepSight SDK enables the tracking of multiple people at the same time. Can be used to analyze the demographical profiles of the shopping audience and the converted customers.

  • Perfect for OEMs
  • C++ expertise needed. Wrappable in other programming languages.
  • Works offline (one-time internet connection)
  • Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android supported
  • RAM : 2 Gb min (Android), all other 4 Gb min

Industry matches:
Retail & Digital Signage

DeepSight FACE API

Embed into online apps

F.A.C.E. API is a Cloud-based web service which allows you to use face analysis functionalities in any online application. F.A.C.E. can detect multiple faces in an image and measure the unique facial attributes within milliseconds.

  • Get all the DeepSight features online
  • No powerful hardware needed (Google glasses)
  • Extremely easy-to-use and integrate
  • Need for Internet connection


Industry matches: Digital Signage & Retail


Recognize and verify faces with ease
Use FaceMatch, our face recognition technology, to build your customer identification programs and to enhance your KYC compliance.

  • 100% Deep learning-based
  • Data processed locally
  • Customizable, with the ability to retrain models on customer data

Industry matches:
KYC , Access Control, and Payment Solutions

Deepsight SDK

Benefit from our deep learning technology
Use DeepSight for enhanced accuracy and performance when tracking your audience. Analyze multiple faces, count the people in your audience, track faces even when they are partially occluded, and detect faces from any angle or distance.

  • GPU not required
  • Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 supported. More coming soon!
  • RAM: 4 Gb minimum
  • Storage: 1Gb free space required
  • C++ expertise needed. Can be wrapped in another programming language.

Industry matches:
Retail & Digital Signage


We are using and heavily promoting Sightcorp’s Toolkit because of its stability, accuracy and very easy installation and hardware configuration. The real-time aggregated data is immediately accessible through the reporting dashboard, which enables us to scale with ease.

─ S. Ahmedov, CEO OmniChannel

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Technical Specifications

The table below shows how FaceMatch SDK performs on the Labelled Faces in the Wild (LFW) dataset:

FPRTPRThreshold (Inverse of distance)
0.10.99900 ±0.002130.55448
0.010.99667 ±0.005370.59791
0.0010.99367 ±0.006050.62989

FPR = False Positive Rate
TPR = True Positive Rate

These results are an indication only and are based on the specific dataset Labelled Faces in the Wild. Customers can expect similar performance, with possible variations due to hardware and the availability of annotated data.