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Retail Analytics

  • Get Real-Time Consumer Insights
  • Enhance In-store Digital Signage Using AI insights
  • Measure Customer Satisfaction
  • Get To Know Who Your Converted Customers Are
In-Store Digital Signage Analytics

By integrating AI analytics software into your on-premise digital signage you can anonymously:

  • Track footfall data in and around your digital displays and count impressions.
  • Measure the number of viewers at each screen on a per content basis.
  • Uncover which customer persona groups view your digital marketing content and for how long.
  • Measure consumer reactions to ads in real-time with mood detection analysis.
  • Combine digital signage analytics data with POS data to understand how marketing efforts impact sales.
  • Use the analytics data to prove the value of your retail media network and sell ad space to third party advertisers.
In-Store Dynamic Content Delivery

By utilizing AI analytics technology to deliver hyper-personalized content in-store you can:

  • Display tailored product promotions to customers dependent on their demographics.
  • Play adaptive content that changes with distance and proximity to the screen.
  • Display safety messaging in real-time as customers enter and exit your store.
  • Show optimized and smart up-sells throughout the customers entire path to purchase journey.
  • Boost attention times and increase customers ability to recall advertised products.   
  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Drive up sales.
Retail shop business analytics
Deliver In-Store Experiences That Customers Return For

Sightcorp’s retail analytics software empowers brick-and-mortar businesses with real-time, anonymous shopper insights that they can utilize to create memorable customer experiences and improve in-store digital marketing.

From large scale deployments to small projects we have your retail analytics needs covered. Try DeepSight now and give your store and signage an AI upgrade! 

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People Counting

Keep track of how many people are entering your store with our people counting technology. Automatically count footfall for accurate data on store visitors to: 

  • Establish store peak hours
  • Better organize Staff
  • See what percentage of your visitors are real purchasing customers
  • Manage store occupancy levels


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Demographic Analysis

Gain the insights you need about your customers and understand who makes your store thrive. Through anonymous demographical analysis, you can optimize product placement, improve marketing strategies, and begin to make your store more personable and targeted towards your key customers.

Demographic Analysis Includes: 

  • Age Estimation
  • Gender Analysis


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Mood Detection

Easily analyze genuine reactions to products, places, or experiences as they happen in real-time and recieve honest and actionable insights about your business using our mood detection technology.

Our face analysis technology, DeepSight, estimates mood on the basis of detecting a smile. The smile is represented in a value of between 0-100 and this metric allows you to define a person’s mood as neutral, happy, or very happy.

Start gaining the feedback needed to transform your business now!

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Post Covid-19 Retail Solutions

Implement our anonymous face analysis technology into your store and create a multipurpose entrance flow system that can be conveniently used during and post pandemic for maximum safety and return of investment: 

  • Display clear communication on store mask policy
  • Let customers know if occupancy limits have been reached with live occupancy updates
  • Display ‘Enter’ or ‘Please Wait’ commands  
  • Deliver targeted advertising content while people are waiting 


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Retail Analytics Software

Retail Analytics and Digital Signage

Anonymous retail analytics software can be used to measure on-premise signage and determine if displayed communications and advertisements are effective in reaching customers. By integrating analytics software, such as DeepSight, into digital signage, customers who are within close proximity to the screen can be analyzed. The analysis that takes place falls under two main categories; viewer demographics and viewing behaviors. Using real-time insights into who is in front on the screen targeted content can be played to each customer, increasing the likelihood of interest and the customer actually paying attention. Additionally by collecting audience data on the number of impressions a screen receives, retailers can use this data to sell ad space on their retail network to third party advertisers.

Retail Analytics and Footfall Data

Footfall data is important to understand how many people are visiting your store hourly, daily, weekly etc. This type of retail analytics data is useful for comparing against POS data in order to determine how many visiting customers are converting. Data can be aggregated and displayed on DeepSight Data Studio or on a third party dashboard.

Retail Analytics and Privacy

With our face analytics and body detection software based on advanced deep learning models, with best-in-class accuracy and performance, users can analyze customers in real-time and effortlessly. DeepSight is a fully anonymous analytics software that has been built with privacy by design. No information surrounding personal identities is ever captured and only raw data is stored. As an additional privacy measure the technology also comes with a face blur feature.

Experiential Retail and Analytics Software

Brick and mortar businesses are placing more onus on creating excellent in-store experiences for their customers in order to attract them and keep them from visiting competitor stores. By adopting a retail analytics solution in-store, business owners can get valuable data insights on who their main customer demographic groups are, their total number of daily visitors and insights on how their customers interact with in-store marketing materials. By utilizing retail analytics software, retailers have the tools they need to create streamlined and optimized in-store experiences that will drive long term loyalty to the store and increases sales.

Retail Analytics FAQ's

We all want to boost customer engagement because an engaged customer is a return customer. Our software provides you with real-time insights into your shoppers’ demographic profile, interest, and behavior. Get to know who your converted customers are, optimize everything from; ad content on digital displays, to shelf-level displays to store layout based on customers’ behavior. Are you reaching your target audience with your in-store marketing and communications? Our retail analytics software can help you get answers to these questions.

Yes. Retail analytics software is easy to implement and can be utilized for both small scale and large scale projects. From small convenience shops, to mid size retail stores to multi-brand retailers the technology can have an impactful benefit on all businesses and is competitively priced.

Retail Analytics can be carried out using audience analytics technology, a digital screen and a camera that is usually embedded into the digital signage itself. A CMS is also required to manage content. This is for campaign analysis only, however, if you are simply looking  for store footfall data a camera (placed at the store entrance) and the retail analytics software is required.

Our state-of-the-art retail analytics software is very competitively priced and is based on a tier pricing model. To learn more and get a personalized quote for your use case please contact us.

Using anonymous retail analytics software you can;

  • Measure your customers’ in-store experience with our mood detector
  • Delight your customers with interactive and personalized digital signage experiences
  • Get to know who your converted customers are
  • Streamline self-service checkouts with age verification technology
  • Manage and get insights into your stores performance
  • Spot consumers’ behavior trends
  • Cut unnecessary costs and increase sales

Audience segmentation is simply the process of dividing people into meaningful and manageable groups – or segments – so that products and services, as well as communication efforts, are designed and tailored to satisfy the targeted groups. Audience segmentation assumes that different groups of audiences have different needs and characteristics that influence the extent to which they pay attention to, understand and act on different messages. By segmenting the audience in this way, a brand can get a clearer understanding of who it needs to target and how. 

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