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Retail Analytics

  • Get Real-Time Shopper Insights
  • Measure In-Store Customer Satisfaction
  • Get To Know Who Your Converted Customers Are
  • Create Safe Shopper Environments
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Set Realistic Goals Based on Customer Data

Run your business more efficiently. Thanks to accurate customer data, you can readjust employee scheduling, optimize inventory management, and streamline all in-store retail operations. 

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Identify the Latest Trends
By employing Face Analysis technology, you make one step forward towards a broader customer understanding by gaining competitive audience data, useful for effective business-related decisions. 
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Create a Safe Space

Create a safe shopping environment using our COVID-19 solutions. With mask detection and occupancy count capabilities. Operable during/post pandemic for customer and employee peace of mind and confidence.  

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Privacy Assured

With our Face Analysis software based on advanced proprietary deep learning models with best-in-class accuracy and performance, you can acquire a complete customer analysis in real-time and effortlessly.

DeepSight can detect faces from any angle performing accurate consumers’ demographic analysis still respecting individuals’ privacy thanks to the automatic face blurring technology. 

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Most Affordable and Easy-to-Use

We offer an easy-to-use cross-platform solution, DeepSight Toolkit, at the most competitive price that enables you to detect and analyze multiple faces using just one application. 

The audience behavior is parsed in real-world environments, such as in the malls, stores, hotels, and even outdoors (DOOH).

No hard coding is required, which means that anyone can install and use the software within minutes.

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Place Customers at the Center
of Everything You Do

Sightcorp’s face analysis technology empowers brick-and-mortar businesses with real-time, anonymous shopper insights enabling them to analyze their business, optimize customer experiences and streamline all day-to-day retail operations. Find out how you can optimize your business now. 

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Save Time

Acquire anonymous customer data and predict consumer behaviors without wasting time in A/B marketing campaign testing.  

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Get Actionable Insights

Get real insights about your customers and their product preferences in real time. Gain the foresight to predict upcoming trends.

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Optimize Business Operations

Identify areas of improvement within your business and make the relevant adjustments to staff, products and marketing techniques. 

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Maximize ROI

Optimize your campaigns to their best with detailed data reports and adjust advertising messages to deliver more effective communication.  

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Post Covid-19 Retail Solutions

Implement our anonymous face analysis technology into your store and create a multipurpose entrance flow system that can be conveniently used during and post pandemic for maximum safety and return of investment: 

  • Display clear communication on store mask policy
  • Let customers know if occupancy limits have been reached with live occupancy updates
  • Display ‘Enter’ or ‘Please Wait’ commands  
  • Deliver targeted advertising content while people are waiting 


Demographic Analysis

Gain the insights you need about your customers and understand who makes your store thrive. Through anonymous demographical analysis, you can optimize product placement, improve marketing strategies, and start making your store more personable and targeted towards your key customers. Demographic Analysis Includes: 

  • Age Estimation
  • Gender Analysis


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People Counting

Keep track of how many people are entering your store with our people counting technology. Automatically count footfall for accurate data on store visitors to: 

  • Establish store peak hours
  • Better organize Staff
  • See what percentage of your visitors are real purchasing customers
  • Manage store occupancy levels


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Mood Detection

Easily analyze genuine reactions to products, places, or experiences as they happen in real-time and recieve honest and actionable insights about your business using our mood detection technology.

Our face analysis technology, DeepSight, estimates mood on the basis of detecting a smile. The smile is represented in a value of between 0-100 and this metric allows you to define a person’s mood as neutral, happy, or very happy.

Start gaining the feedback needed to transform your business now!

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Face Analysis for Retail Analytics

What is In-store Analytics?

We all want to boost customer engagement because an engaged customer is a return customer. Our software provides you real-time insights into your shoppers’ demographic profile, interest, and behavior. Get to know who your converted customers are, optimize everything, from shelf-level displays to store layout based on customers’ behavior. Are you reaching your target audience? Our software can help you get answers to these questions.

What is Audience Segmentation?
Audience segmentation is simply the process of dividing people into meaningful and manageable groups – or segments – so that products and services, as well as communication efforts, are designed and tailored to satisfy the targeted groups. Audience segmentation assumes that different groups of audiences have different needs and characteristics that influence the extent to which they pay attention to, understand and act on different messages. By segmenting the audience in this way, a brand can get a clearer understanding of who it needs to target and how. 
What’s in it for you?

• Measure your customers’ satisfaction with our mood detector

• Get to know who your converted customers are

• Manage and get insights into your store performance anywhere in the world

• Spot consumers’ behavior trends

• Delight your customers with interactive and personalized experiences that       will last

• Cut unnecessary costs and increase sales

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