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COVID-19 solutions
Airports and the aviation business need to reassure customers that COVID-19 safety regulations are implemented and followed to make sure their travel is as safe as possible. Our face mask detector can be very effectively used mainly for entrance flow management and monitoring.
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Create personalized experiences

Make your environment or airport more effective and engaging by leveraging the power of audience behavior metrics.

The Human and Emotion Analytics Technology from Sightcorp enables airports and airline service providers to understand and adapt to passengers’ demands and needs, by taking into account their interest, emotional behavior, preferences, movements, and preferred dwell locations.

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Occupancy Monitoring

Monitor in real time travelers’ foot traffic across airport areas, reduce overcrowding and enhance shop and store occupancy performance. Gain insights into the high, mid and low peak hours in particular airport zones and use this data to optimize your staff allocation and scheduling. In addition to this, as you are able to control real-time occupancy, reduce queues at information kiosks, luggage drop off and security check areas with up to date messages displayed on digital screens.

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Mask Detection

Being able to monitor and identify travelers wearing a facemask in different airport locations, such as gift shops or cafés, turns out to be a perfect replacement for a constant airport personnel verification of passengers. Combined with a notification digital screen, visitors without a detected facemask will be reminded to put it on, without other intervention needed and maintaining excellent customer service in retail shops and food courts.

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Digital Signage

Digital ads are particularly effective in the airport environment, as travellers spend their time inside in waiting mode, and consequently pay more attention to digital screens. Track performance of your ad campaigns by implementing our DeepSight Face analysis software in digital signage. By collecting demographic data, audience behavioral patterns and attention time, you easily identify your customer identikit and determine how to optimize your advertising content.

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Understand better your customers with Audience Measurement tools
Face Analytics is an AI-based technology that allows you to detect and store data concerning customers’ mood and engagement response while watching a shopping window, a product, or for instance, an ad displayed on a digital screen. Our software DeepSight provides the most accurate audience metrics, thus in airport environment is possible to gather information regarding number of travelers per terminal and per day, how passengers move around the airport, their demographics and the effectiveness of campaigns measured by audience dwell time in front of a digital screen.  
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Privacy-respecting Face Analysis solutions
In times of COVID-19, wearing a facemask in the airport and other indoor spaces became a strict requirement for travelers. For this reason, Sightcorp’s engineers developed a cutting-edge Face mask detection technology able to recognize faces with and without masks. Performing Face analysis is still possible with our DeepSight software designed as privacy-respecting by default thanks to the application of Face Blur real-time video anonymizer feature.  

Smart and Responsive Environments

Human-aware Environments

Face Analysis Technology enables intelligent context-aware signage for a more personalized experience. Based on face analytics data, you can turn your buildings and surrounding areas into human-aware environments. This allows you to deliver the right information in real-time, at the right time and place. Digital signage powered with Face Analysis Technology enables you to:

  • Deliver content that is highly relevant to customers
  • Provide better services and product choices in line with the customer’s preferences
Airports of the Future

Airport environments can be stressful due to delays, long waiting periods and queues, overpriced merchandise, exhaustion, and anxiety or fear of flying. All resulting in an unpleasant experience and negative emotions.

Passenger-centered airports equipped with context-aware digital signage can easily overcome these problems by making the overall travel experience for passengers more enjoyable, personalized, relevant and relaxed.


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