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Face Analysis

Anonymously detect and measure facial landmarks to determine the age range and gender of customers.

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Mood Estimation

Detect and analyze human smiles and neutral facial expressions to gain insights into customer satisfaction.

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Face Tracking

Anonymously track multiple faces for insights into audience behavior data trends and demographic data.

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Face Detection

Locate human faces in live video or images. Accurately detect individual faces or faces in crowds. 

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Face Mask Detection

Check individuals are wearing masks with real-time mask detection ensuring safety adherence. 

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Face Blur

Privacy by default face detection. Analyze faces while protecting people’s identity. 100% GDPR compliant. 

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Why Sightcorp Technologies?

Sightcorp develops patented proprietary AI Software solutions. Through computer vision and deep learning, our technology can analyze faces in images, videos, and in real-life environments. Our software is not only the most competitively priced on the market but it is also extremely reliable. 

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Industry Matches

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Integrate face analytics in your Digital Signage or DOOH display to deploy anonymous face analysis and create dynamic, targeted, and programmatic advertisements. Increase viewer engagement  and boost your ROI.

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Create your own retail solution using our anonymous face analysis technology. From occupancy monitoring to implementing age-restricted self-service checkouts or even for the purpose of carrying out in-store analysis.

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Reduce costs on Research, Advertising and Marketing campaigns by implementing our audience Mood Estimation technology. Higher brand success is translated into a more engaging experience for your customers.

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Create a safe and sanitary environment for employees and visitors in corporate offices and public buildings such as Banks, Museums and Art Galleries using an accurate occupancy and mask monitoring system.

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Discover Our Covid-19 Solution

Customers are more empowered and connected than ever. Your audience has access to information anywhere, anytime – what to buy, where to shop, how much to pay, etcetera. That makes it extremely important to predict how audiences will behave when interacting with brands, so you can respond accordingly.

With our AI-powered solutions, you can now understand what motivates their interest, behavior, and choices. Implement audience analytics into your business now and start creating targeted and engaging experiences. 

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Technology Features

Sightcorps technologies have a recurrent set of core features incorporated into all the products to ensure consistency and reliability throughout. These features include:


“Through the aggregation of Sightcorp data with multiple data detection points, people-counting and Wi-Fi analytics, our ads and messages are more targeted and honed to specific audiences resulting in enhanced customer experience and interaction, and consequently delivering an overall higher ROI for clients.“

– Patrick Hayes, Managing Director, Focal Media

Sightcorp Face Analysis Technologies

What is Face Analysis?

Our Face analysis technology analyzes the emotional responses of detected faces. Our software can measure dwell and attention time, recognize gender, estimate mood and count people during the shopping processes. Together with the mood responses’ estimation, you will have valuable insights useful to optimize and improve the experience of your audience. This technology is often used to monitor people’s reactions after being exposed to content such as looking at digital screens.

What is Face Blur?

Face Blur is a real-time video redaction application. It is designed with privacy in mind. You can now easily blur faces to protect the privacy of all people recorded in video systems or in images. Face Blur technology is implemented in all our products. Face Blurring is ideal for many different industries that have cameras running for security or analytics purposes and need to provide access to the video streams or share the output with third parties.

What is Face Mask Detection?

Our Face Mask Detection System on the latest deep learning algorithms built in-house by our team of skilled Artificial Intelligence Scientists. Our system is very simple to use, and it is built on top of Deepsight Toolkit. The solution runs on the edge and can be connected to any existing or new IP cameras to detect people without a mask. The live output can transmit to any CMS to display tailored messages on digital screens to alert store visitors to wear a mask or it can be connected to access gates to deny people access if the mask is not detected. The system functions fully automatically to enforce the wearing of the mask without any need for human intervention.

What is Face Detection?

Our Face detection software is a state-of-the-art proprietary technology that is being used in many different applications that require the detection of human faces in digital images or video. The technology is able to detect frontal or near-frontal faces in a photo or video, regardless of orientation, lighting conditions, or skin color. It is important to highlight that our software uses pattern detection technology, and therefore there are no images stored and no personal information is collected. The only data that is stored is of an anonymous, aggregate, statistical nature.

What is Face Tracking?

Face Tracking is a computer vision technology that detects and locates the presence of a human face in a digital image or video. The technology is anonymous and only discerns a human face by focusing on facial characteristics, providing information about a person’s gender and age. Face Tracking is particularly important in retail and advertising businesses, because it can be used as an audience measurement tool. By implementing Face Tracking technology, you will know how many people saw your advertisement, and what are their ages and gender. This information can be used to optimize marketing efforts for better performance.

What is Mood Estimation?

Mood estimation is performed through the detection and analysis of human faces, focusing mainly on smile and neutral face expression recognition. Our software identifies movements of facial muscles that form a smile and is presented as a bar graph showing the smile intensity. Nowadays, mood measurement has many uses in various industries and sectors. For businesses, face analysis software, integrated with sentiment analysis and mood estimation, can contribute to deeper marketing research by verifying customers’ reactions in front of specific products or ad content. If smile is detected, you know that customers are satisfied by what they see. With no smile detected, mood recognition software collects neutral face data.

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