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What is Face Detection?

Face detection is a computer technology that is being applied for many different applications that require the identification of human faces in digital images or video. It can be regarded as a specific case of object-class detection, where the task is to find the locations and sizes of all objects in an image that belong to a given class. The technology is able to detect frontal or near-frontal faces in a photo, regardless of orientation, lighting conditions or skin color.

How does Face Detection work?

Face detection applications use algorithms that decides whether an image is a positive image (face image) or negative image (non-face image). This is called a classifier. To classify a new image correctly, it is trained on hundreds of thousands of face and non-face images. This feature answers the question “Where are the faces in this picture?”. For each face detected, you get a complete analysis of key points (landmarks) around the eyes, eye brows, jaw, nose and mouth.

Why is Face Detection important?

Face detection is an important part of face recognition as the first step of automatic face recognition. Because human faces are able to convey many different emotions such as happiness, sadness, interest, excitement, confusion, and intrigue, if you pay attention to one’s face, you are able to develop an idea for what another person is thinking and what they might do next. For businesses, all of this information is extremely valuable and it can help with understanding how the intended target audience feels about the brand and its communication at all its contact points.

How can you use Face Detection?

People Counting and Marketing – For businesses, Face Detection is a great tool for measuring and understanding the demographic makeup of an intended audience. A camera can be integrated into a digital signage display and the installed face detection software will be able to pick up any face that walks by. Using algorithms, the software is able to detect faces and predict age, gender and other factors in order to serve up relevant advertisements.

Event feedback form – Through the use of facial recognition systems such as face detection, event professionals are now able to use data from cameras placed around the event to recognize attendees and report back on how they are feeling based on what their face is telling the system. With this face detection software, as an event marketer you will be able to quantify whether or not your attendees were interested in one speaker over another and which table displays pleased your guests the most.

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