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Advanced Video Analytics

What are Advanced Video Analytics?

Advanced video analytics or intelligent video analytics are terms used for the insights gained from the automated study of real-time video content. Utilizing deep learning, software is able to analyze a range of elements in video content including counting people, analyzing gender and age and determining facial expressions. Advanced Video Analytics can help businesses and organizations in a number of ways, from optimizing advertising based on audience insights to streamlining video surveillance.

How does Video Analytics work?

At its core, video analytics software works by dissecting images in order to recognise temporal and spatial events. Most often used in real time, but also on existing video footage, video analytics uses deep learning to pick up on information that once only humans could detect. Video content can come from various sources, but the most common are CCTV cameras and traffic cameras. The real-time video insights that are generated can then be analysed on any desktop or display in order to optimise current or future action. 

Real-time Video Analytics

Real time video analytics are extremely beneficial in a range of publicly understood use cases. In a surveillance system, advanced video analytics allow for the number of people passing to be recognized and counted by a CCTV camera.

Advanced video analytics also offer value to businesses who can optimize advertising with real-time insights. By receiving information on the gender or age of the audience viewing their ads, businesses are able to display different content and improve results.

Video Analytics with deep learning

The deep learning element of advanced video analytics means that real time data can be compared to a database of historic data. In the case of in-store analytics, this allows for insights on footfall trends in a particular location. This can be used to better organise staff- for instance, by sending them to busy areas- as well as to follow COVID-19 restrictions.

Why is Video Analytics software important?

Outside of surveillance and security systems, which are crucial in ensuring the safety of visitors, video analytics software allows businesses to keep up with their competition by harnessing relevant customer insight data in order to improve customer experience and provide appropriate offerings. The analytical insights gathered through video footage can also be used to optimize 1:1 messaging in the stores on digital displays as well as understanding campaign effectiveness.

Video Analytics Use Cases:

Video Analytics in retail

The potential uses for video analytics in retail are extensive. Not only can software be trained to detect age and gender (like DeepSight) providing average demographic breakdowns of visitors to retailers as well as the number of people that enter the store. Additionally, using video analytics to measure ad engagement in-store, retailers can understand campaign effectiveness as well as using real-time impressions as a currency for their programmatic efforts.

In-store Video Analytics

In-store video analytics can fuel insights into customer satisfaction with mood detection. In some cases stores choose systems that allow businesses to match up faces with a database of VIP members in order to deliver special offers and personalized content. 

Video Analytics software from Sightcorp

At Sightcorp, we offer advanced cross-platform video analysis software. Our solutions allow you to harness the power of analytics in an affordable, scalable and measurable way. Start optimizing advertising and understanding consumer behavior while protecting consumer data and privacy legislation’s. Get in touch to learn more.

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